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I got annoyed at the HTML editing in Tumblr so if you are wondering where the topic went

This IS that topic.

i set up a forum this morning without the need of HTML editing, which is always good :P


i used Forummate as the supplier.


there's the site, feel free to sign up and post a few topics. the more users i get the better.

the site is laid back and the sensorship isn't ****** or anything like that. the F word has been replaced with fudge and so on so forth.

i could probably do with some spare hands on deck for admin too

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oh i'll be adding members from the Gigafreaks team so you can get to know them.

just be careful what you say to Kaya :P

oh! another thing,

you don't have to like gigabyte to join. it's just one of those Tech talk forums. or if you just want a random chat there a forum for that :D

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