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you'll probably find the lion on the internet somewhere as a sketch, i dont take credit for that whatsoever. just colouring it up and getting it into the wallpaper


and that is a celebatory one, for Pirates, even though mum isn't around at the mo, she left the cinema tickets for us so... :D

again i didn't draw it, just made it into the wallpaper. one day i'll put my Koi carp into a wallpaper, that i can take credit for :P

so is there anything you have to say on them? :P or any suggestions of where to go next? (apart from a wheelie bin :P)

and yes i did cheat and use brushes, nothing really to comment on apart from the arrangement and the size of the brushes :hehe: but i'm sure someone will have something to say like "locked" :lol:

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Oooooh, shiny! Very visually arresting, thanks.

I'd be interested in GR wallpapers, actually. They probably exist in a post here on gr.net, I just haven't checked yet. Perhaps you have some good screenshots that might work?

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that's using the koi carp in which i can take credit for :D

i think i am using too much Grunge, but in my eyes, it suits it on a dark background like the three i have done so...

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thought i'd make this one for any AW lovers out there, it's in 1280x720 resolution and sadly thats the furthest it'll go without the background pixelating, it's got a couple of flaws that need ironing out, i noticed it's quite patchy in places, but as soon as i fix it i'll re-upload and replace the link

nice wallpapers hammer! :D

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is anyone else not getting the images :huh:????

anyhow :P


took the inspiration from this Aston Martin Concept:


this one was more of an image than a wallpaper, again trying to avoid that grunge effect

once again with a couple of flaws like the eraser being a fail :P

effects made on this:

Edge detect


Lens Flare

painted up a few clouds

put a few decals on the car


the invisible images where my fault. the links seem to have just died. i've updated them now, so all is well

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helo again guys!

a lesson i have been meaning to learn for a VERY long time.

feel free to disagree or agree i'll be fine with it.


the whole image was a mistake but it turned out quite good so i just put a caption on it

again feel free to agree or disagree.


and one as a generic wallpaper for the Phantom

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sweet! any chance you could get a wallpaper and signature done for me? all the fun part of me has been taken away. SR:1280x800 you know what i like and all that baloney.

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