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Funny you Asked!

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Some curious questions they've asked:

Is that the same moon we see in Vermont?

How come all the war battles were fought in national parks? :wall:

If it rains will the fireworks be held inside? :o

Is the horse manure on the square real?

When do the caribou turn into moose?

- Travel Industry Association of America

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What do you mean Hmmm..'City Folks'????

When my friend first took me and my buddy from NCY to her farm...I was surprised to see that the Cows were wearing blankets...and he called horses Skinny cows (because they had their heads down/grazing, and he couldn't see all of it from the car), and I got thrown off a horse. But, when she came and visited us in NYC, the subway scared her...hahahahahaha. Damn country girl.


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ok this isn't what a tourist said, it is something an ex-girlfriend of mine said years ago that is still stuck in my head to this day.

she was watching the show the Operation on TLC which i had on cable. i had just bought a new tv and was giving the old one to one of my friends so they were there to help do the switch. just as we unhooked the one tv and i was about to hook up the new one, my girlfriend piped up "will this tv get the operation too?" she was serious and all my friends could do was look at me as if to say... did she just ask that? and they left it alone but still they even bring it up from time to time.

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I can only defend my input by saying that I was neither fostered in the city, nor on a farm.

Where then?

(In the trees?)(j/k)


In the trees...

Going with the old man to the regiment all the time when I wasn´t in school :-)

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The country with the largest airforce compared to the population and the country where only 31% of the youth is given the chance of doing military service :angry:

Yes, I´m working at the computers, but it´s only to get by untill I´m attending the Carrier Tech Officers program (I´m hopping to be appointed as a Technical Officer, specialized in Communication), but nothing is sure yet.

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