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installing patch1.3

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hi. I have installed ghost recon desert siege but when I tried to install ''official patch v1.3'' this error appeared:

ghost recon must be installed before installing this patch.setup will exit.

What should I do?

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Hi mahdi, Welcome to the forum

Just to clarify, You have to have the original "Ghost Recon" game instaled on your PC. Desert siege and the Island Thunder discs are add ons, or expantion packs for Ghost Recon. They will not work on there own as they need the original game enginge, textures and graphics that are installed with the original. Also you will find that most mods and servers require you to have Ghost Recon (GR) and DS desert siege and IT Island thunder installed in order to work. If you cant find GR or IT disks for sale look for the GR gold edition DVD/CD it will have all 3 on it and i think the DVD edition has the patches included. It can be found quite cheap about, Im not sure of your location, but if your UK look on Amazon or Play.com. Or you could download it direct to your drive from steam. Hope this explains things a bit better


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