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Characters with Night Vision Goggles

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Hey there people.

I'm searching for characters with Night Vision (NV for short) goggles.

I have an idea: I know it's possible to set the IT missions to woodland setting, so you can use the jungle setting to do what you want, like some people do to create snow camo and such.

I'm thinking about using this to make a kind of night camo, wich main feature would be characters with NV devices (I would prefer built in model, but as an attachment would do).

I know there's some mod that does it without the NV part.

Do you know any characters with the Night Vision Goggles or, luckly, a mod that fulfils what I'm wondering?

Is it possible with the weapons (to set camo settings the same way so they appear different in a given condition)?

Thanks for reading :thumbsup:


Ok, ok. I've been searching and found out that UKSF Night Ops includes NVGoggles as an attachment, but the characters are only the specialists.

Any mod that does what I said (about changing IT to woodland and uses 'jungle' [cuba in the .'atr's] setting as 'night')?

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there's a guy in Centcom on the GR campaign side (a hero character) who has a balaclava and one of those NVGs that are on one eye (dont you just love my technicality :P)

so it might be worth taking a look around there. plus there is a really cool guy with a gas mask :P

sorry thats all i can help you on

i suppose you could go into the IGOR actor editor and change all the skins to mr balaclava guy or the attatchments you found

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There is an awesome looking attachment in the C$K British Commandos mod consisting of a british helmet with an NVG set mounted to it.

Also the Bravo 25 mod has a pretty cool single lens NVG attachment (one down and one up), although the 'down' one doesn't quite line up with the eyes of the model, so I just use the 'up' model.

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