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WD's Dead Space 2 Zealot Guide

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Well, considering in Hardcore you start over, and can't bring your upgraded RIG/weapons (from a previous run) into a Hardcore run....

One thing I noticed with Plasma Cutter vs Pack, is that the Pack wouldn't initially drop loot, even if I shot their head or legs off - I most cases, I had to shoot their maimed bodies after they fell to get the ammo drop, which of course uses extra ammo. In theory, using only the Plasma Cutter throughout in order to maximise your ammo intake should be very effective, IF you go fro precision shots rather than spraying. You'll receive 3 ammo per pickup on Zealot, and it will take 3 shots from the Plasma Cutter (fully upgraded) to kill most Necros. Simply shoot of their heads, then each arm. The interesting thing would be to see how the Plasma Cutter copes against the Pack encounter in the Church, being that it is the biggest Pack encounter in-game.

I know already that the weakspots in Nests can be a ###### to hit with the Plasma Cutter, as they keep swinging their appendages about. Also, Guardians will require a large number of shots to hit all their tenticles, whereas the Javelin Gun or Detonator could sever all those tenticles in one shot (theoretically 2 shots for Javelin Gun as secondary fire uses up one round)

Edit: Maybe I misinterpreted what you said - the Plasma Cutter I'm using is fully upgraded (Refurbished Plasma Cutter from DS1, requires a DS1 save on your system in order to unlock; it confers no stat bonuses, but instead is a new (old) weapon model - this is the same Plasma Cutter that Ellie Langford uses in-game, except yours has the same stats as normal Plasma Cutter, not the one hit kill stats of Ellies Plasma Cutter), and I'm using the standard Engineer Suit that you get on your 1st run at the 1st store, and I have all RIG upgrades. Note, the Engineer Suit is a slightly modified version of the Level 3 Engineer Suit from DS1.

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my apologies I thought you were doing a zealot run which you can do from a saved completed game, not a hardcore run, any way just been playing around and have found a mod that unlocks the previously locked doors in the game so you do not have to have the save from DS ignition, have tred it out and it works, it means changing the dat files and renaming some others, and it came with a cleared hardcore save so its the easy way to get the glove, :lol: but i will still complete a proper hardcore run

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I shall finish my hardcore run I really wanted the mod for the door opening part which does work and a gives us pc users the full content of the game, I haven,t even tried the glove out as not to spoil the surprise when I get through hardcore :whistle:

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It only gives you the full game content if you know where the 'locked' doors are in the first place. It's four doors marked Conduit Room throughout the game. Off the top of my head, the first one is in Chapter 1, the second in Chapter 2, the third in Chapter 4 and the fourth in Chapter 9.

The 'Conduit Room' in Chapter 2 has the Hacker Suit schematic, the 'Condcuit Room' in Chapter 9 has the Hacker Contact Beam schematic; all of them have extra creds, meds, Power Nodes, and Audio Logs.

Sounds like that save file unlocks the Artic Security Suit (inspired by 'The Thing' movie) and the Soldier Security Suit, which are normally unlocked through completing Zealot and Hardcore respectively.

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Okay, here's a few things. You'll like this Wireman, as you seemingly like goofing around in DS2 like I do:

In the Two Brute Corridor in Chapter 10 (USG Ishimura), I discovered this little trick. First you need the Noobcannon Handcannon - approach the stacked boxes and supplies behind which a Brute usually charges out from when you get close enough. Don't go far enough to trigger the scripted event. Instead, shoot the stacked up boxes. Then the Brute will be like 'Oh Hai!' - you can see the Brute just standing there, blast his legs off and he will do the charging animation while remaining stationary (and with his legs missing).

Also, I did a Survivalist run a few days ago, with the primary intention stress testing the flamethrower (again). Even partially upgraded on damage, it would drop Necro's in seconds. And that was without using the Arctic Security Suit which grants 10% extra damage to the flamethrower. I believe that it is actually the flamethrower that has the highest damage per second, and NOT the Pulse Rifle like the official word states.

Also, remember one thing guys: zero gravity applies to some weapon projectiles when in 0G zones. The Detonator is one such weapon, making it probably the best weapon against Nests in 0G zones as the mines will fly in straight line rather than arc over distance (there is no gravity to pull the round downwards :) ) like they normally would.

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