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$100 million on an aggressive ad campaign.


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That's a lot of money just for an advert. I wonder how much they are spending on the whole game including all major gaming platforms?.

EA Spending $100 Million To Beat Call Of Duty With Battlefield 3 - News - www.GameInformer.com

Plus, the fault line series in a full length 12 minute trailer http://bf3blog.com/2...length-trailer/

Largest BF maps they have ever made to be seen in BF3


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Why 31 rounds in the magazine?

It's possible to have 31 rounds, but only if you put a magazine in, use the charging handle to chamber a round (1 round), then release the magazine and put another fresh one (with 30 rounds), unless in 2014 the US military is using 31 rounds magazines, even with the reliability issues present in the current 30 rounders and its spring.

The AI speech is of course really astonishing. No word here.

The sniper scene, when your teammate is shot, shows you dragging his body out of the action. That was neat. In fact, the first person aspect is really immersive.

I don't understand why they have to go to the roof to take out the sniper, but whatever.

I liked the brass shells from the heli falling on you, but isn't it dangerous?

Going underground to take out a possible IED? Nah...

Apart from the artistic license on reality I like it a lot, but it's pre-alpha isn't it? Don't know what to expect.

Edit: I'm talking about the video.

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Hmm, comparing it to the GR:FS video I can only say that this game sounds superb!

And yes, $100 million is an obscene amount of money but then this goes to show how seriously they are obviously taking this title. Spend money to make money and all that I suppose.

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if they think they can put CoD out of business with it, i say go for it. and Cobblers, any game is an improvment on that delay magnet at least we can actually be able to PLAY battlefield 3 sometime in the beginning of the year. and sorry, i'm having one of those days.

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