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what soldier class do you prefer?

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sorry, i'm trying to spark up a conversation on a dead weekend :P so i'm not expecting many replies. can you tell i get bored easily?

anyway, usually i am the sniper type, i have never been one for fast paced in the face of danger type shooting, if you ever see me around playing on a single player game, like on MOH airborne or Sniper: art of victory, you will always see that i am much better and steadier with a sniper rifle taking life slow, i'm harldy ever get seen or shot at (apart from sniper, where it is almost impossible to stay undedected). however my performance as a rifleman or as demolition expert greatly decreases although i am still good as any class i am a sniper/long range rifleman by far. gimme a sniper rifle in real life, i doubt the outcome will be the same considering 1)i'm young, 2) people in real life are more awared than AI 3) sniper rifles are no doubt too heavy for me, i could probably cope with the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare or a vintorez (considering i have held one before :P) and any other light sniper rifles unless i was wearing an exoskeleton then i could probably handle an M82 or an M99

just so you know as soon as my online is fixed i will only play Co-op missions, deathmatches are a rarity with me.

so what about you guys n gals?

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It's game dependent for me; in most I play as the soldier (all rounder) class. This allows me to cover a variety of roles - I can get up close and go gangsta blasting enemies in the face with shotguns, I can hang back and provide suppressive fire (aka 'spray and pray') with machineguns (that is, 'machinegun' machineguns, terminology FTW) for the team, I can assualt with the rest of team. Whichever role as an all-rounder class, i'll alway go single round for ranged, burst fire for CQB (where available, rifle dependent. If not available then full auto in controlled bursts) and full auto controlled bursts for groups of enemies at medium/short range. I only use shotguns at short range and am particular about it, i'm no L4D run 'n' gunner using shotguns as sniper rifles (thus taking three times the ammo to drop distance enemies. Funny how I can drop them with a single shot from a less powerful weapon - it's called aiming)

In ES5: Oblivion I play as a stealth based class, using both melee (sneak attacks) or ranged bow attacks (ranged spells generate light and thus compromise the players position). Plus, my Khajiit assassin,unlike other races, has the innate ability of being able to see in the dark, perfect for striking from the shadows in enemy occupied dungeons and caves.

In Lost Planet 2 you'll find me out front, getting stuck in with melee attacks (while everyone else hangs back, seemingly afraid of getting hit by the enemies) from the GunSword SP or Plasma Gun Mk II (which can be charged, the charged beam can be held and instead of firing off, can be used as a melee weapon (or fired off)). Ranged and melee covered with both weapons (with the GunSword SP being massively more powerful in melee). Besides, I have learned to read the body language of even the largest of Akrid creatures, to the point that I know when exactly they will try to hit me with melee attacks and what type of melee attack it will be. This enables me to completely evade their blows. For these reasons, I use the in game 'Nom de Guerre' (tag ine kinda thing, MW2 got a similar thing. Displays along with the player name while in-game) of Berserker - which can only be obtained by TK'ing teammates. Shame 'Houdini' isn't a Nom de Guerre in the game or I'd use that one instead. :)

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Hmm, standard Rifleman. I prefer to hunt then counter attack or defend what I have against those in front of me.

For that I prefer a good zoom, coupled with accuracy, but with the ability to use it also in close quarters.

I have not and never will be a sniper. I neither have the patience or the skill needed to play that class.

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