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GR:AW 2 Tournament delayed

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I need to apologise for the delay with the competition, this is mainly my fault, my Mum was rushed into hospital last night after a bad fall.

She hit her head which resulted in a bleed on the brain so as you can imagine I have been a bit tied up and don't have time to run the competition.

So bear with us folks, we should be launching this next weekend.

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Hi Dad' :(

If there's anything you need me to do Dad you only have to say & I will be there for you always you know that I hope.

Mum & I was as pleased as you to see Nan was doing a lot better yesterday, lets hope Nan is even better tomorrow.

Love you millions dad Big hugs & kisses,

love from Mum & Sonia xx :)

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Just a quick update.

Mum is no better, she did have good day on Sunday but since then her condition has deteriorated, she is now on a drip supplying fluids and medication, as with all brain injuries it can take a long while to recover.

So, I'm not delaying the competition any longer, I know you are all keen to get this started so the first mission will be added to the competition thread tomorrow evening at around 10pm GMT.

Thanks again for all your best wishes. :thumbsup:

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Thanks again for the replies.

Mum was doing very well up until last Sunday, her memory was almost back to normal but she had another bleed on the brain while she was in hospital which caused her to collapse resulting in a broken hip.

They had to wait 48 hours to she if she would recover enough so they could operate on the hip, as of 10am this morning she is in a stable condition and are hoping to operate this afternoon.

Once again we have to wait and see if she will recover from yet another brain injury, this second bleed was bigger and in two places, she now has to survive the operation and recover from the bleed.

It's going to be a long afternoon, we don't even know if we will be able to visit her today. :(

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Mum had her operation this afternoon and I was told it all went according to plan and she is in a comfortable condition, as it was late before she was sent down I haven't been able to see her but I will be going tomorrow.

We just have to wait to see how her recovery progresses.

Thanks again for all your best wishes, I will be passing them on to her when she is feeling better.

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Hi Brett,

Mum has got over her operation quite well but the second brain injury is effecting her quite badly, she is very confused so doesn't know who I am or where she is.

She was saying that she has been out weeding her garden yesterday so that's not so good.

Time will tell if she will make a full recovery.

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