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i dont mean to be a picky ###### but it looks like you missed a bit on his left shoulder pad :P

Its part of the original image of its shoulder plate, part of a strap I think...so I left it alone and enhanced the rest. The helmet had to be fabricated the original helmet was cut off at the top...But good eye none the less.... :thumbsup: Updated the image by removing the strap section....Enjoy!

ah i see now :P yeah i was thinking to myself "how did you get the full helmet area?" now you just told me, great job! :thumsup:

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that's the first one, just gonna see where this one goes, and see if it is worth making it in other sizes or new ones.

please tell me if there are any issues what so ever, this one was taylored for my loyal 17" screen so it will stretch on widescreen, feel free to list the resolutions you want and i'll fix it for those. and feel free to drop in any comments.


Quick update, i have made the wallpaper in the following resolutions:





and 1980x1020

if yours aint listed, just give us a shout. :)

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looks great and great job Zeealex can ya make all those resolutions into a wallpaper pack? i'd like to post it on my site as well if you don't mind.

Also can someone tell me what are the average resolutions for triple displays? I wanna make a few 3 panel wallpapers to see how they come out. Thanks in advance.

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