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Best FPS game - recommendations please


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Well thanks for the recommendations...

I should have a Windows PC sorted within a couple of weeks. And I remembered that instead of taking recommendations I can instead actually try out some playable demo's of the latest games that are out there and try them for myself!! (Something pretty alien to me since being a Apple Mac user)

Although I do enjoy the GR series, so will have to dig out my old copy of GR - IT and give that a blast again - and perhaps try out GR:AW 2 on the PC, only ever tried it on the Xbox 360 and then look at what else is out there.

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Really? Shame! The Xbox 360 versions of GRAW were a lot of fun imho.

So is the Xbox version of GRAW2 on coop - especially when anoother player deliberately shoots down the extraction helo right at the end of the mission. O_o

You could always try Clive Barker's Jericho. :lol: the weapons in that do so little damage that you just as well be firing blanks. :)

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And never knew you could blow up your own extraction chopper!!

I've witnessed my brother do it, as a Grenadier (using a GL, not the Zeus) on the Xbox version. Theoretically, you should be able to take out the extraction chopper with Auto Riflemen and Marksmen too, as MG's and .50 cals can take out enemy choppers.

You can also kill the drone. :whistle:

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