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[1.18 final patch]

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Prague, Czech Republic 8th of April - As a continuous support of its titles, dedicated community and customers, Bohemia Interactive, the award winning independent developer, is pleased to announce the release of the final update for its complex military simulator Arma: Armed Assault. Update version 1.18 is available now!

The most important fix is compatibility with Windows 7 64bit.

This new update is available for immediate download from the project´s homepage www.armedassault.com

You just got to love bis support for their games, nearly 5 years afther release, and they patch the game !

And making it copatible with newer os aswell :thumbsup:

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unfortunately this is way too late for most (The "Final patch" has been in Beta since November 2009)

but I had already given up on Arma many years before then and While I do have Windows 7 64bit this patch wont entice me to dig it out and reinstall it.

I had moved on long ago to A2/OA, a much improved and better engine.

Here is the direct download link for anyone who still has it installed (as its not listed on the indicated front page of armedassault.com yet) :rolleyes:

Arma: Armed Assault's final update version 1.18


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I gotta tell ya I stopped buying their games due to the shoddy worksmanship and the fact they run like crap.I still play OFP but only because of the enhancements and mods the community made.

ArmA 2 looks pretty but it is a fubar of a game and really other games are looking better now especially BF3. If BF3 becomes like BF2 with Project Reality it will kill the ArmA series once and for all. And rightly so.

I wish I could transfer ArmA 2 and AO to someone else on Steam because it is collecting dust over here.

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ArmA 2 looks pretty but it is a fubar of a game and really other games are looking better now especially BF3.

I agree A2 and OA need a beast of a rig to run it maxed out with high resolutions, but it is one of the most realistic and authentic fps a military sim fan can play on the pc. Don't allways believe the hype, DICE are bound to say what they are saying, it's to generate interest and build up enthusiasm for their upcoming product. I'm not saying BF3 will be rubbish, it will be fun no doubt, but i would think it will be another Bad Company in a new shiny coat with 64 players?, lol. The demo will be telling, words are cheap, can mean jacksquat, especially at this stage.

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