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[GR:AW 2] Co-op Tournament 2011

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Welcome aboard Mrljavi. :thumbsup:

Your names have been added to the first post, don't forget the first mission is out now so good luck and have fun.

Please add two members in our team: (like *NOB* Mrcine Team2)

*NOB* Jole Mesar

*NOB* Mimoza Minjoza

Can you do that?

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Team SPARTA (Dai-San & Watchman), will be withdrawing from the tourney.

After countless server issues and flashbacks to how tactical this game isn't :wall: we've run out of love and desire to carry on.

For those staying in, have fun and post some good scores! :thumbsup:

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Scores due on Facebook by midnight GMT 13th May 2011.

Sorry to hear about your team mate cybersidd, I hope things go well for him.

It's a shame that you couldn't stick with it FatmanDaz, I realise that this game has it's problems but it's good to see that the other teams here have managed ok so far.

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No worries John, we thought we could manage but with RL commitments and repetitive server crashes, we just can't put the time in to get decent scores. Add to that when we thougth we'd cracked an okay score (150-ish) we actually end up at 105! That just deflated both of us.

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Hey John,

I know I'm a bit late, but is it still possible to sign up for this challenge? I read it way too late that there is a tournament.

Goalkeeper and I would like to join this challenge.

If it's still possible our names are =]*GT3*[=Rico686 and =]*GT3*[=Goalkeeper and we are from team GT3.

Please let me know if it's still possible.

C U, Rico

Edited by Rico686
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Special thanks to Rocky and John! The missions was awesome and we had much fun with it. :thumbsup:

Greetings from Team Kaapo

By the way, we thought we are one of the oldest Ghosts (DOB 1958 and 1953) but then we read about Tom1935 which means we are just in the middle :whistle:

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