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Why we will never get the Ghost Recon 'we' want

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  • 2 months later...

First off let me say I have played the GR series since the first demo appeared. Thats ages ago. The original GR brought a new and exciding experiance to gamers that they never had before. I remember the addrinilan rush of playing. It was fun. The graw series was fun. Even though Grins complicated engine was a buzz kill for alot of folks, we still found some fun factor in the game. Lets face it, Engine limitations prevented alot of what we wanted in game, and lack of updates and map packs killed the rest. But, it was fun and still is. Its not that we want a hardcore tactical FPS gaming experiance. ARRMA 2 proved that. Took to long to play. Nice game but it required to much time to play. Was it fun? Not really. The graphics made for a poor experiance and the clunky interfaces and over done control setup made it a clunker to most. Notice I said most.

So what im saying is what made GR a great game was fun factor and content and modding. During the GRAW series devolopers got into content protection. This is ours and we must protect it mentality. Made for a short lived game experiance. Companies like EA and Infinty Ward are starting to understand that content is king. They also understand if they can control the purchase of the game they can allow more modding and can provide more game content. So whats UBI doing?

UBI decided to not keep the GR series at the for front of gaming. Instead they chose to use a formula that worked for another game. Namely Gears of War. Bizzard Entertainment did a remake of an old formula StarCaft, that millions boaught. So why cant UBI reuse an old formula to revamp the old GR series? Because we dont fit into their customer model. Marketing says this person is the person we want to market to. But the biggest problem, no fun factor. No adrenelin rush from UBI games of late.

With new tiltes from EA like BF3 that bring a whole new meaning to fun, dont you even say "you cant be tactical in BF3", dont go there because you dont know what tactical is, in the first place. You can be both tactical and use tactics. This is fun. The reason you wont get the original GR is because UBI is not fun any more. Plain and simple.

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I've been in these conversations numerous times but can probably better explain what went wrong and why. GR was a thinking mans game. tactics, skills of movement, cover and concealment etc. but along comes a different generation of gamers who wanted a more theatrical and controlled games hence my map below...

down alley... 50m cut scene. around corner.. enter town square.. another cut scene... come to fork in the road...go either way.. cut scene.

yaaaaawnnnn! the maps were whole open maps with little or no cut scenes that were intrusive. GRAW/GRAW2 we were ushered through the map in a controlled manner not allowing for different approaches to a map and most great areas existed off the map/play area.

all the tech in the game.. cross coms.. was just fluff to distract you from the game in a tactical sense. I know I busted Grins chops alot on these things but.. I was a paying customer.... :blink::grin2:

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I read alot of comments that go "Ubi this" and "Ubisoft that". Ubisoft are the publishers yes, they may have final say over the end result as they cough up the coin to make the game but they don't develop the game entirely per se. Red Storm and Grin (when they were around) were the ones who developed the game. Red Storm are developing Future Soldier. The same Red Storm who made Rainbow 6 and the original GR. So I don't see what the problem is. I seriously doubt Ubisoft would interfere with the internal production process of a gaming studio to the point of micromanaging, with an intention of 'f-ing up the series' when the IP is clearly successful to begin with because of the dev's innovations. No, the fans wont get the GR they want because everyone has an opinion of what it solely was to them, exactly like Milgeek said, and opinions essentially are like a-holes, as the saying goes...

And besides, I liked the GRAW series too, I felt it fixed up alot of playability bugs that were present in the first game and that it was an excellent job by Grin overall. The single player campaigns are more engaging and rewarding to the patient player. And Red Storm oversaw the MP elements of the GRAW series too, which was why it was such a huge hit. My god, the original GRAW even won a BAFTA for crying out loud! LOL I'm totally confident Red Storm will deliver an outstanding game as they have done time and time again in the past. One that appears to combine all the best elements of the entire series into one complete whole. I feel this will give the fans the GR they want.

If anybody feels they can do a better job in giving the fans what 'they' want, why don't you go ahead and produce a fanmade GR game with Cryengine or UDK. All the tools are there, it'll shut up the naysayers once and for all. Until then, the point of the argument is moot

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Well, UBI does exert a lot of creative control over their titles, especially when they farm out particular platform versions to several different companies. Red Storm may have made the 360 and PS3 versions of GRAW and GRAW2, but Grin made the PC version, but in both cases, they shared certain assets (e.g. the cinematics) because the publisher insisted on it. Moreover, a publisher can say "we won't publish your game until you change it into something we think we can market".

Its not like Valve, where they can be entirely responsible for their content, developers that don't self-publish are answerable to their publishers. Ubisoft has proven to be an especially controlling publisher.

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Who cares about etherical questions like "what is OGR"? No-one.

Simple 6 step program of what needs to be done:

1. Take Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder.

2. Update the graphics.

3. Fix all the glitches and bugs.

4. Add a decent game lobby system (###### NOT GAMESPY!)

(4.5 Optional: Add an easier to use map editor)

5. Merge them into a single install.

6. Slap it on a single DVD.

That is really it people. Sure other things could be added but that's really just gravy.

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