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Fierce Resistance

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This is a GR:AW 1 conversion to a GR:AW 2. This was Mission 10 "Fierce Resistance". as listed in the Games guide:

Games Guide

Threats: This is a rather challenging mission, so for the most of the time you will have to be very

careful. The first part of the mission will require you to deal with a lot of enemy soldiers. They will be heavily armed, so you can’t make any major mistakes. You will also have to avoid a few tanks. Next, you will take part in a fight with a couple of enemy gunship. You could use the ZEUS-MPAR rocket launcher against it, although this won’t be necessary. There are also a lot of snipers in different areas of this sector. Some of them may be hard to find, there is a resupply mule located between Adat C and Adat D with 2 ZEUS-MPAR located at the resupply mule and 1 located at the military tent by Adat C.

Main objective: During the course of this mission you will neutralize the Air Defense systems. There are four places for you to visit. You will have to neutralize each of the Adats. Next, you’ll proceed to the main palace area. You will have to find the terrorist leader. He is currently hiding inside the palace. You will also have to retrieve the football that’s probably in his possession.

You start off with a day mission but using the night switch on the wall you can change to the original night mission (use this switch within 60 seconds).

The first respawn point is the entrance point of the mission.

The second respawn point is the location of Adat A

The next respawn point is the court yard on the way to Adat A

This will put you closer to Adat C and also Adat D and then closer to the Palace.

Then next respawn poin is inside the Palace before the extraction.

The name for dedicated servers is: coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v2

File size: 145.56 MB

Thanks to all the alpha and beta testers for thier help in bringing this mission to this point. :thumbsup:

Thanks to JohnTC02 for help on this mission, use of his night_switch and generating the lightmaps. :rocky:


Edited by JohnTC02
Updated Download Link
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May I suggest a possible variation on this map. As I stated in the release topic, it creates a special atmosphere to sneak around while dodging the helicopter attacks. So maybe a map where you dont have M99, and have to finish some objectives to get the helicopter taken down. I dont know if you would find such an idea really interesting, but a city map like this would be very suitable for such a mission, because there are many helicopter shelters everywhere.

Anyway, enjoyed the mission ... keep it coming :thumbsup:

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Interesting idea, I will keep that in mind while I work on converting some of the other GR:AW missions. It takes me about 1 month of work on each conversion and the file sizes always are very large. But with JohnTC02's help on converting the light maps the size can be reduced in half in most cases.

Thanks for you comments and keep watching for more missions to come. :whistle:


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I have made more changes to this mission. Added more AI and 5 troop drops with 8 AI each at different places on the map.

The new name for your servers is: coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v3

File size is reduced to 142.2 MB

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ms98d8yg7sonrs3/coop_mexbob_fierce_resistance_v3.zip

Enjoy :boxing:​

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  • 2 weeks later...

EricJ, I tried making some GRAW maps into Campaigns for GRAW 2 but they just will not work. I think it has something to do with the size of the maps. The save points do not work. They crash within a couple of min after loading the saved game. Sorry but I tried.

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I have made more changes to this mission. Added 3 more troop drops and fixed the extraction problem some have reported.

The new name for your server is:



Size is 142.2 MB

Trying to make it better each time. :boxing:​

There was an unwanted file in the previous upload, this corrects it. :bye:​

Edited by mexicobob
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