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OA: Patch 1.59

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Bohemia Interactive, the award winning independent developer, is pleased to announce the release of the latest Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead´s & Reinforcements update: version 1.59, which will improve the gaming experience of the titles from the Arma 2 military simulator line up!


  • Significantly improved convoy and driving AI behaviour

  • Numerous combat AI enhancements and fixes

  • Enhanced vegetation rendering

  • Improved commanding interface

  • Several MP security fixes


  • Su-34 crashed after take-off when player was a gunner

  • Crash after UI navigation Options > Audio Options > Auto adjust > Cancel

  • Regular check no longer done for players not fully ingame to prevent timeouts during mission loading.

  • Helicopter did not take off when engine was off and enemies nearby.


  • FPS in some scenes when looking through a scope into forest.


  • Quick commanding menu now allows the ordering of multiple units to engage or fire at the same time.

  • Faster Signature checks server side.

  • Only the first AI unit in each formation reports its position on Report Status.


  • Manual vectoring control in autohover mode with analogue throttle using Flaps actions.

D/L Mirrors:




http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=4632 (Torrent)










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I've noticed a couple of oddities with the 1.59 patch. First, the ACE in-game menu is gone for me. I don't use ACE very often, but now it's pretty well unusable. Secondly, I can no longer hear any Czech voices or radio calls in the game. All of the other voice sets - both radio and spoken word - work fine.

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Hmmm, that is odd, I have not seen/heard of anyone having any real problems with 1.59. Both 1.59 and the associated recent betas have been working very well for everyone I play with.

A few questions:

What version of ACE are you running?

By ACE in-game menu, I presume you mean the menu you reach by pressing ESC.

Did you check/rebuild your userconfig\ace files by running the aceclippi tool?

I hope you can get this straightened out.

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I'm not sure what version of ACE I'm running. I'll check.

By ACE in-game menu, I do indeed mean the one you reach by pressing ESC.

I did not rebuild my userconfig files. For the time-being, I've simply disabled ACE. I really don't care for it, anyway. The lack of Czech voices persists, however. That clearly isn't an ACE issue, but it's highly annoying.

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