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Anyone player Shadow Wars yet?

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I spent a few hours playing Shadow Wars yesterday on the 3DS, it was actually very very good.

The 3D effect is surprisingly good, no glasses but a real 3d depth of view to the screen. Even just the loading screen with the 3d models of 3 ghosts revolving in the centre was like "WOHA, 3d gaming is here!"

It is extremely sensitive to movement though, there's no way you could play it as 3D on the move, in a train or in a car for example. My experience was if you turn your had just 1 inch to the side, the effect is ruined. But if you can sit still, in a darkened room, the effect is truly next gen.

Kudos to Nintendo for pulling it off and pioneering new gaming experiences, again!

I'm just getting into the game, done a few levels, so far I've already lost on Ghost so I might have to replay that level, to keep a clean sheet, but it's a classic turn based genre brought bang up to date. Impressive stuff.

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Own the game, quality all around

Most reviews downplay the quality of the 3D but I really enjoy the diorama effect with the dust blowing across each scene....All story related aspects/characters are horrible, the gameplay is great....the cloaked sniper feels a bit overpowered (one hit kill knife, thanks COD).....

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