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Very cool

*** Warning - Videos are PEGI 18 (Zombies & axe'ification) ***

here is an Embedded version of that trailer

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/20091818" width="640" height="385" frameborder="0"></iframe>

and here is the backwards trailer "reversed" (so it's in chronological order)


Hmm, looking at details looks very much like it's "inspired" by Left 4 Dead (and get a strange "Far Cry" Déjà vu vibe from the island)... oh well that's not a bad thing as can never have enough great zombie killing games.. particularly those with 4 player co-op and as good looking as this

Will be keeping an eye on this one :thumbsup:

and if it plays as well as it looks, will be needing this link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Deep-Silver-Dead-Island-DVD/dp/B004O6MO2I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1301427462&sr=8-3

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Ha awesome, tx for the reverse.

I watched the proper version twice and thought I understood it all, but watching the reverse just put it all together nicely, very very cool.

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  • 1 month later...

New Teaser Trailer has been released

Dead Island Teaser "Part 1: Tragedy Hits Paradise"

A gorgeous tropical paradise turns into a living hell with the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, destroying all lives in its path and turning this pictures!

Deep Silver presents the first teaser with in-game footage of Dead Island...


Part 2 @ E3!
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Gameplay Walkthrough (from Xbox 360)

<embed src="http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:moses:video:gametrailers.com:714103" width="853" height="505" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" base="." flashVars=""></embed>

To Kill Time Gameplay Walkthrough HD

Take an in-depth look at the gameplay of Dead Island including combat, fellow survivors, crafting, quests and more with Deep Silver Brand Manager Vincent Kummer!

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LOL @ the bit with the car "so here is a lady needing help, trapped in the house by her car..." so he jumps in and steals the car LOL!

Not sure about the "transport anywhere" mechanic to save people long journeys...

The Ram zombie with the helpers, that's straight out of the Batman game - worked really well in that.

Drop in/out co-op - nice.

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Box art revealed

Here we present the official packshots of the European versions of Dead Island for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Dead Island Packshot PEGI Version (Europe)


Dead Island Packshot ESRB Version ("watered down" North American version)


Notice in the ESRB version the logo of the hanging character in the tree has been changed

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has ordered that the North American version of Dead Island cannot use the hanging corpse that featured in the original logo on the front of its box.

Instead, the new logo will feature a cuddly zombie walking on the ground, and very much alive (but also dead).

A rep from developer Deep Silver confirmed the change to IGN, though pointed out that the hanging zombie will appear in-game.

The ESRB explained this apparent contradiction thus:

“We never censor or dictate in any way what type of content can be included within a game. However, a game’s marketing materials are seen by an audience that is much broader than that which actually purchases the game itself, so we enforce industry-adopted guidelines as to what is suitable for inclusion in these materials.”

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Amazon are offering regional based pre-order bonuses

at Amazon.com

Amazon.com Exclusive-Pre-order Bonus

Pre-order Dead Island and get a Digital Art Book. Directions to access the Digital Art Book will be e-mailed within two business days after your order ships.


Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon.com, while supplies last. Limit one per customer.

while at Amazon.co.uk

Pre-order Dead Island with us at Amazon.co.uk before 23:59 on Thursday, September 8 and you'll receive a code to download the Bloodbath Arena DLC.

*Codes will not be available until three weeks post-launch, therefore orders made on or before Thursday, September 8--Codes will be e-mailed on Friday, September 30.

You will receive a code to download the Bloodbath Arena DLC:

• Four deadly and hazardous arenas

• Endless waves of zombies

• Loot XP and items and bring them over into your campaign

• Leaderboard to challenge your friends

• New gruesome weapon--the Brain Wave Bomb


Offer strictly subject to availability. One code will be issued per unit ordered up to a maximum of four codes per customer. Please ensure all copies ordered are in the same order. A broadband internet connection is required to redeem the incentive, along with an active PSN, Xbox Live or Steam account. Offer valid when dispatched by Amazon.co.uk. Promotion valid on all existing pre-orders. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

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Yeah, that was my first thought too :lol:

but hopefully it will be available for us later (looks like it's just an online digital download), just as I presume America will also be able to get the DLC

and speaking of Amazon, they have posted details of the Dead Island Official Strategy Guide

Dead Island Official Strategy Guide [Paperback]

BradyGames (Author)

This title will be released on September 6, 2011.

BradyGames’ Dead Island Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

    The only official strategy guide for Dead Island, which is a first-person action game with deep RPG style character development.

    -Official ARTWORK enhances pages designed for beauty and easy-of-use.

    -MAPS show locations of weapons, safe areas, first aid kits, and other important items.

    -SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH is carefully written to provide hints and strategy for completing and mastering the game.

    -BEASTIARY and CHARACTERS sections show official art, bios, and stats.

    -WEAPON and ITEM APPEND:ICES show official stats.

    -MULTIPLAYER strategies provide tracks to maximize the team's skills and increase your chance of survival.

    -QUEST tracker with maps and rewards.

    -Maximize each character's SKILL TREE.

Product Details:

    Paperback: 208 pages

    Publisher: BRADY GAMES (September 6, 2011)

    Language: English

    ISBN-10: 0744013267

    ISBN-13: 978-0744013269

    Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #369,125 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

GameStop pre-orders also get the Bloodbath Arena DLC too, but GameStop's version is the exclusive Dead Island Limited Edition


which also comes with an "Exclusive Weapon"


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