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[what would I need to get ? and is SP & campaign good?]

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I have some questions about Arma 2.

What all would I need to buy to get set up with all the required content that most players have? How much would this cost?

I am offline for a while and wonder whether Arma 2 SP mode is any good. I assume the campaign is decent, are there any mods for campaign? If I was playing offline with some of the modded missions, is it possible to set up fireteams to support and work with me?

Thanks for any info.

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Right, there are two games Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead and these can be bought and played separately

If you buy both A2 + OA , when installed they "merge" together into what is known as "Combined operations"

Operation Arrowhead has two DLC "expansions" (for about £7)

British Armed Forces (Very good, lots of great content)

Private Military Company (not a lot of content but still ok for the price)

You can buy these through retail stores or you can download via STEAM or you can buy digital versions from Sprocket store

You will have to shop around to see what best current prices you can get locally


amazon.com has Combined Operations for $ 29.99

As to SP campaign, I have to say personally it feels like BIS skimped on the stock missions and they are not up to the standard of their earlier games like OFP which had huge brilliant SP campaigns

certainly on release it felt very much like they had been made in a rush just before release as there were a number of show stopping simple scripting bugs that should have been caught with a normal amount of play testing, but these have now been slowly fixed in recent patches.

But they can be forgiven for this as unlike other games you just do not buy BIS games for the stock missions - the primary focus and success of BIS games is the great built in Mission Editor, it is so simple to make an endless supply of missions using the great stock Maps/Units/Weapons/Vehicles (which is where BIS have spent their time and attention on)

The secret of their success is They make a great sandbox and then hand you some maps/units and say "right, now YOU unleash your imagination".

so there is a mountain of good/fun missions made by others to download & play

and there are a ton of mods for Maps, Vehicles, Weapons, Skins, New sounds Etc

Yes, depending on how the "player slots" and squads in each mission were designed, you will normally have a squad AI team-mates which can be ordered by the "slot" with the highest rank (if ranking is wounded/killed the next highest rank takes command)

and squad slots can be used either by friends in COOP or left to AI troopers

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Sweet, was going to ask the same question myself.

To add to it then, are there any mods that I need to download to ensure I can get on most servers? (Remembering back to GR there were some mods (flavour of the week etc) which meant if it wasn't installed/enabled then you couldn't get on)

Are there any GR.net servers, or those from here that play it who wouldn't mind me tagging along.... If so, then the question above is also directed towards you.


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Cobblers you are in the right time to pick up this game. Just about all bad things are gone. Your PC will munch on it for breakfast, and it will play really well. SP/Coop campaign that comes with the games are not really a selling point unfortunatly, but the amount of mods out there will overcome that little issue.

I would say to pick up all the Arma2 games and addons. Sure someone from Sparta will pop in and give you directions to the games...

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You can buy these through retail stores or you can download via STEAM or you can buy digital versions from Sprocket store

You will have to shop around to see what best current prices you can get locally

You are right, however on STEAM it is better value (as I type this message) to purchase A2 + OA seperately rather than buying the bundle. Doing it as I recommend will actually save you £2 - and I always thought bundles would end up being cheaper for you, not more expensive.

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