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Blind thought me how to make maps and one of the first things he tought me was never to use someones map without permission, well it seems that the people over ar the gamer planet think otherwise. If they are right then I can just take anyone's map and do whatever i want without asking first, shoot in that case i could pump out a dozen maps a week.

Read the thread over there if what Fish is saying is right I think I'll start whipping out some more maps I already have a few landscapes in mind, Oh and by the way I don't need to ask first..and not only that i don't need to give the original creator credit.....

Gamer Planet Permission Thread

Seems that every thread i have started on this subject keeps getting closed I think this is a valid argument, Please don't close this thread

I want to see what All map makers think,

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Ok, I'll put my own opinion here. Please note though this is just my own opinion and not necessarily the opinion of GR.net.

I have made several custom maps and props, if anyone uses them in their maps then I am more than happy for them to do so, to me this is a form of praise where by these modders think my work is good enough for them to use in their own mods.

All I ask for is that these modders give credit to anything they have used in their maps which was made by me, no need for them to go chasing me asking for permission.

As the GR series of games are getting a bit old I think that contacting some modders would be very difficult if not impossible so it seems a shame that what might be a good mod would not be released due to the modder being unable to contact the original author for permission to use his mod.

As I said this is my opinion but whatever Rocky decides to do here I will go along with.

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not the 1st time that something like this happens.


in general:

i for myself would never use someones material (mod or map) without asking for permission 1st.

it just ain't right to use someones work just like you want it. sure it can be a pain to hunt someone down for permission, but compare the amount of time that guy put in to make the mod or map.

this particular case:

i read on some topics that fish gave the credit for the landscape to hitman on the loading screen and on the minimap.

and i'm sure you guys can work out that not asking thing when he gets back from his holiday.

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It's not for me or GR.net to dictate to modders what's right and wrong. We do have a site policy though. What we have always enforced is a policy of not supporting maps with "stolen" content.

"not supporting" means we will not have it in our downloads page and it will not be publicised.

"stolen" means taken and reworked against the originators wishes.

There is an important distinction here. "stolen" in this context does NOT mean "taken without the originators consent". Why? Because many modders and unavailable now and it would be ludicrious to prevent a new reworked mod from being released just because consent could not be gained due to lack of contact options. So using a mod without consent can be entirely understandable in the right situation. This game is coming up for its 10th anniversary after all.

Why do we have a "no stolen" policy? Because there are several examples of excellent modders leaving the community because they were fed up of seeing their mod being taken, bastardised away from the original concept, then offered for download without any credit to the source. Credit is all these guys had, and mod theft took it away. It also led to the annoying situation where modders were being approached for support on a mod that was working fine when they released it, but due to being altered by A.N.Other, was now borked.

That's how we view the situation, but the over riding viewpoint should be "what's best for this community" :thumbsup:

Now that everyone has aired their opinion and GR.nets policy has been restated, we can move on.

Any issues, PM me.

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