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I really don't expect answers to this topic, but, anyway...


Hey there people.

Searching some in the web, i found a mod with a weapon that interests me. I really never played OFP, but I downloaded the mod, just to work it out.

I don't plan in stealing anything, but if the mod is really good, it might convince me in buying OFP with the expansion packs (that shall be selling for a good deal nowadays).

So, is there a .p3d viewer so I can see the models before buying the game?

I'm so excited about it :P

Old games FTW!

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The Buldozer viewer also needs Oxygen/Objektiv2Light (the main model creator tool) to work

But both need you to have installed OFP

You cant use the viewer without an original OFP CD). UPDATE: The newest version of the viewer dont need the CD in the drive to start up, but still looks into the windows registry to ensure you got a valid copy of OFP installed.

You would be easier just getting a Game of The Year (GOTY) Edition of the game.

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Yep :yes: , ..and you wont enjoy them for a fraction as long as the OFP enjoyment lasts either :lol:

Although not sure how easy it'll be to still find in Brazil...

at Amazon.com it's $13.52 but not sure how much extra for shipping would be

Here, in UK can still get it

£7.49 at Amazon.co.uk

£5.00 at Play.com

Hmmm... might just have to pick up a backup copy while I still can, in case I wear mine out

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Plain Vanilla OFP aged badly, even back in the day was kind of ugly compared to GR...with that been said there are great mods out there...try the FFUR 2008 mod it adds alot to the game like new units and animations . I'm assuming you played ARMA series? if not expect a high learning curve

I got my GOTY off EBAY for 12 US.... get the GOTY PC GAMER edition if you can

EDIT: funny video below with FFUR 2008

Another one

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What I really miss in OFP (well, at least in the videos I'm currently watching) is some tall grass and more trees.

The standing animation is weird, but doesn't really matters.


I've found a way (wich I will no reveal, to preserve the author's work) to open the .P3D. And yeah, I was exactly what I was looking for. I'm now very excited about OFP.

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There is always a first time mate, sadly I can't play know

haven't tried co-op yet but the campaing was good

Saw this video yesterday, the game is running the WW4 mod and looks quite good

for a game 10 years old game


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