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Co-op Tournament 2011


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Congrats to the winners! Thnx to all for participating. There where a few small hiccups along the way, but mostly seemed to be fine.

Fully intend to rescript and make coop version of this tournie that will require more team members. :D

Hats off to all, most missions where pretty short and sweet, but that is ghost recon, in a nut shell.

Nice of UBI to supply some prizes for you all, not often you see them participating in such activities, especially such an old game.

Thnx to Rocky for organising this, great idea!


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Thank you to everyone that put the time and effort into making this competition happen! All scriptors, all the modders, all the organizers, webmasters, UbiSoft... everyone.

Special thanks to Rocky for all of your work keeping everything organized and keeping us all informed of the latest updates.

Ghost Recon was the first online PC game I played competitively (with 30 Plus) and it holds a special place with me. I've played many games since then, but none have really captured the true strategic angle that OGR had. I always loved 5v5 ladders and the great stealth tournaments that have taken place over the years with OGR.This tourney was such a nice, nostalgic romp and it has brought me back to PC gaming.

I look forward to seeing how GR:FS stacks up and I hope Ubi releases a script program with it (like IGOR) so we can play in a co-op tourney with that game in the future.


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Thought, that would have more things taken into consideration when counting - as accuracy, time - and that came out just about points.

Next time - maybe - we do not be so easily fooled :P - greetings to all teams participating.

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I know I am very late to the party, as RL obligations had me completely miss this event, but I still want to congratulate not only the winners but everyone who took part in this tournament in any way, whether as players, organizers, mission creators etc.

I don't exactly know why and how, but seeing this compassion for Ghost Recon, 10 years after the game's release, fills me with pride. I am proud of the game, although I had no part in developing it, and I am proud of this community, although I had no part in shaping it.

And yet I am proud. Proud that Ghost Recon refuses to surrender to time, and proud that its fans refuse to surrender the game to history.

Long live Ghost Recon!

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