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Co-op Tournament 2011


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See first post for the link, or just click here.

Also, well done for the teams who are sticking this challenge through to the end, some great scores from a challenging mission 3, and even those that posted scores that fell a few points short, this is great - what fun would it be if everyone was posting top scores?!

I have passed all your compliments on that mission that were posted on Facebook to Tinker. :thumbsup:

Enjoy mission 4, it's a cool mission with some neat sit back and watch moments. Thanks to Zero Alpha for this one.

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That last mission was a good one, Rocky. It was very difficult to get a perfect score in the time limit allowed and maintain 'Ghost' status. Every time we started, the squads would change which made it very difficult, but we really enjoyed that aspect. I hope the rest of the missions have that kind of unpredictability.

Great tourney!


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Attention to all teams!

Mission 5 had an error that had to be corrected. Please ensure that you revisit the first post of this topic and download mission 5 file again.

My apologies for this, hopefully it will not spoil the enjoyment most seem to be having.


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Okay teams I am adding the scores up and we have a close run thing.

In order to close this tournament out, I'm going to require all teams to submit their replay file for the second mission, the snip protection mission on the caves map.

Please send the file in right now, and if you no longer have the file send me an e-mail and let me know.

Send the emails to rocky@ghostrecon.net.


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Of course, :thumbsup:

And please just send the replay in :thumbsup:

So... i have a little supprise for you guys ;) Do you remember Mission 4 with suicide terrorists ?? Then just watch - i'm bad, say that :devil:

This is not a replay, I've played live, you can see that on team sign - it's blue, on replay will be as other HUD.

With the replay will be no problem Rocky, i've just send it to you ;)

And there is a one thing more, me and my mate have some objections to mission 2... i will write about it later.

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The three yellow teams all finished FIRST, so congrats to the JOINT WINNERS





We only have one set of prizes of one winning team though, so I've used a random number generator website to pick a number between 1 and 3, to select the prize winner at random from the 3 teams in joint first. The team to win the prize therefore is..... TEAM NAKED DWARVES. Ubisoft will send you out a copy each of Splinter Cell Conviction!

EDIT > Drone has kindly donated his copy of the game to one of the other winning teams as he already has SC:Conviction. I did a random pick and the game goes to one player from TEK 2! Let me know which team members would like it guys.


Ubisoft wanted to also give a prize to the team the showed true Ghost Recon teamwork and co-op skills, and while most of the teams all did just that, we have selected 30 Plus to win that prize of a Ghost Recon keychain each.


Finally, Ubisoft wanted to award a random team a prize, so that everybody who saw the tournament right through to the end stood a chance of winning something i.e. a AC Brotherhood T-shirt each. Again I used a random number generator to select between all the remaining teams, and the team that was picked is NH.

In closing, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the teams that played this tournament right through to the end, you are all great guys and I really appreciate you all playing the tournament in the spirit with which it was intended - as a fun competition celebrating our favourte co-op game of all time, GHOST RECON.


Prize winners please PM or e-mail me your full postal address.

Finally, a big thank you to Tinker and ZeroAlpha for putting together the competition missions. It can be a real task to come up with missions that can score players, and not throw up situations that cause debates. It is also difficult to make mission scoring work well so that not every one ends up with the same top score. This missions were fun and I saw a lot of comments saying how much fun they were. So BIG THANKS to Tinker and ZeroAlpha.

Finally, finally, thank you to Ubisoft for supporting this tournament with prizes and publicity, sometimes well out of office hours! So thanks to Ubi Kleaneasy and Ubi Kimi in particular.

Some comments recieved for the competing teams...

"...fabulous tournament..."

"...bloody good mission"

" short one, but good."

"So - we sliped to sniper spot, killed Ordonez and Papashvili and get the hell out of there before anyone noticed that we even been there"

"Great mission Tinker. We said "dammit Tinker" more then once!"

"Wow, nice but hard mission"

" mission 5 - was a real eye catcher"

"Fantastic Mission "

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thx alot for putting up such a nice tournie, the pleasure was all mine, really enjoyed it, and i think my teammate Drone did as well.

thx again for all peeps involved, especially Drone, Tinker, Zero & Rocky



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