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Co-op Tournament 2011


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Looking forward to it! Even though the first two were fairly easy, they were still fun! If we only had one shot to go through each one, things would have been a little different, I'm sure.

Is there going to be a 'standings' list updated every week so we know how we measure up or will the scores come out at the end?


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I would also like a standing list. Also Rocky, would you make the top three replays available to us, would like to see how the other teams are working, if no one objects.. :-)

AKA: Stormlord..

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There's a new Ghost Recon campaign just around the corner, with brand new missions based on cracking custom maps that have not been used too much in the past.

The author has agreed to allow every competitor in this tournament early access to the full mod, ahead of its public release.

I've played the first mission and if the rest of the campaign is of the same caliber, this is a real treat!

Anyone who wants in (and who wouldn't?!) just PM me your Team Name from this tournament and I'll send you a download link to the mod once I get the thumbs up from the author in a few days.


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awesome news!! messege sent...

Also I think the replays should be released AFTER the judging. Also maybe a critique as to why they were picked or what the judghes liked about their rounds that made them the best.

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