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Co-op Tournament 2011


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We’ll be looking at teams who can complete the maps with as much stealth gameplay as possible. In order to gauge this we've introduced a clever scoring script into the missions that will display your score at the end of the mission. The team returning the best score and who impress the judges reviewing their replay file will win.

In addition to the above we’ll be looking at those players who participate the most across the whole co-op challenge, you might not earn star player status through stealth but determination could prevail. We’ll also be looking at those players who improve the most across the challenge period.

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Hi Slayer

Yeh this is a two man co-op tournament. Some of the missions might be possible solo and of course you can try them out and aim for the best score if you want, but the scores would not be elligible for this tournament. For that reason I have removed your screenshot, we need to keep the thread for legitimate entries only.

If you want to try and beat a good Lone Wolf challenge, I am still unbeaten at this P2 challenge.

Fair enough. I will respect that. In a previous post I had admitted that I kno I wouldn't win anything due to the lack of a teammate. I had thought this thread was for un-official or current work in progress scores and that the FB page was the official entry?

Would I be premitted to post my score after the week/deadline is up for given mission? This means a great deal to me. As I have spent many years playing GR. But have lost contact (due to a email change) with ALL of my previous team. Again, I dont expect to win anything or to be an official entree. But I would like to post my Solo scores somewhere/sometime if possible?

I will gladly accept the P2 challenge. I looked for your top score but was un-able to find it? There was only 3 pages in that topic, and only a few had posted scores. The top one I found was 800+. But i couldnt find your top score?

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Oh yeah about 6 or 8 years back can't remember. I was in a clan and all and did tournaments on TAG and so on.

What server settings did you pick? I must be doing something wrong then. I copied all of the folders to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods" location and have the mod activated along with DS, and IT.

Send me a message we can play sometime, and setup a server. My xfire is brooklynzoo81

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Hello from Germany!

Team Langang

Player1 *LG* Rambo

Player2 *LG*Firefox

To the Mods:

Please remove Prefix Player1 and Prefix Player2

The name starts with *LG*


Good luck TWI, go grab the first mission now and see how you do.

Thx... we have already played and recorded the mission. Germany 95points

Edited by twi-virtual
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Hi guys, i almost end mounted video of our games from the first mission. I don't want to publish it, before oficially tournament first mission is over. Because:

1. spoilers (how to pass mission)

2. i dont want to be my team disqualified >.>

3. i'm not sure if this will not brake the rules of tournament.

So, when can i send it to YT :D if ever I ^_^

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Hi Rocky. I am having a small bit of trouble with the replay. I didn't take a screen shot of the end that shows are time, and so on. I though i was going to be able to take one after the replay had ended. It there way to still take a screen shot?


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