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[why does a PC have to be higher spec than Xbox 360 to play same game


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okay this is sort of a games console PC thing but i didnt know where to put it so i just stuck it here. feel free to move the topic if you need to, okay so here it goes

okay so an Xbox 360 has a 3.2 GHz tri core CPU (okay fair enough but wait a mo)

512mb of GDDR3 ram at 700mhz

and an ATI Xenos 500MHz chip. with (i think) a whole 10mb of VRAM! ¬¬

and it plays new games like bulletstorm without fail right?

but if i was to have a PC with the same spec as that running XP it would refuse to run

so why is it i need higher specs than an Xbox 360 to play a game that plays fine on the 360's specs (obviously for the corresponding platform)

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Basically it's because they are not always identical games ported on multiple platforms

While they do have a "minimum overhead" that has to be met for a console version (Because they are all of the same fixed specification)

but for a PC version they don't have the same "ceiling" and can put extra stuff in (or not take out) if they are allowed.

which is why you will normally see a good Dev team try to make best use of the PC's extra capability (again that is, unless they are constrained by the Publisher trying to save money/time)

in the game you mentioned Bulletstorm, the devs used the extra capability of the PC to include much higher quality artwork for example

which is why reviews mention things like

Bulletstorm not only looks better on PC, but the gameplay feels so much more enjoyable

*when I speak of "the PC's extra capability" obviously almost no two gaming PC's are the same, so companies do have to make a big choice of what are the "normal" PC's out there being played on (which is why surveys like Steam's one are so important to them)

and while they wont pick the lowest available PC with specs from 7-10 years ago they shouldn't automatically just pick the newest highest spec PC release either,

but choose a "middle ground" but yeah it's also not normally just right in the the middle either, as the higher the "standard" they choose, the more capability for better eye-candy and effects Etc they can put in which equals better reviews and scores which should translate into more sales

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:blink: wow Pave, that was what i was looking for :thumbsup: thanks i sort of understand now with the difference in platforms with Ghost recon advanced warfighter. on the Xbox, the graphics were pretty poo, but on the PC although the model files were slightly more limited it looked much better

develpers should really start thinking about making games slightly more compatible with mobile intel chipsets as i have seen many branded media PCs with them in there

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