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Most Disturbing Video


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I'm sure there are some folks here that remember Wogan in the 80's and perhaps one child prodigy guest he had on who could apparantly value many antiques at a very young age. Well, here's someone who had a very interesting "I wonder what ever happened to" story.

This docu hosted by Kieth Allen exposes what happened to that polite young man, and it is bizarre in the extreme, becomes really quite disturbing, and ends in typical Kieth Allen fashion.



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Quite simply gorgeous, the programme that is, not Lauren :o

Thanks Rocky, that programme quietly slipped by us when it was on tv (channel 4 I'm thinking), really missed a treat so well done for bringing it to our attention. Actually had us gufawing aloud at its comic riches. Perhaps a bit more puzzling than funny for our friends outside the UK who don't know the people involved, Keith, Terry, Frank, er.. Lauren.

Wasn't Keith Alan fantastic! The way he played the whole thing dead-pan :blink: (what acting) when you would just want to howl with laughter :rofl: or scream and shout :wall: at this mad family. Until the end of-couse when he really lets go :o=.

The only thing missing that would have made this pure gold, is if during that final meal, Keith had brought along Frank Skinner for a re-union :P

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