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one thing i have noticed

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one thing noticed recently (sorry if i sound dumb and slow here) is games like GR2 (yes i mean Ghost Recon 2 the one with the Cancelled stamp on the PC version) upward seemed promising in terms of realism and yeah graphically it was fantastic. but they lack the REALISM from a game almost 10 years old now (in november is it?)

the newer game's AI is apparently complex and know how to kill you - uhh [GR] had great AI that when shot at. they would supress the source of the shooting while fellow team members got to cover and allot of the time they would try to flank you.

graphics are more up to date with blood clouds coming from the body - yeah sure whatever, but what about the actual wounds it's all well and good having the blood spurt out, but from a non existent wound? uuhh hello! Scott Mitchell isnt Wolverine! at least Jacobs actually bled from somewhere!

ragdoll physics make the fall of an enemy more realistic - yeah because an enemy is really gonna break his back in 4 places, twist his arm and both legs from a low heigt fall like that isnt he? at least the fall of an enemy in [GR] wasnt going to be nearly as violent and unbelievable, sure it's 'hollywood' and repetetive. but if you dont like 'hollywood' why are you playing GRAW?

set in a vivid urban environment where enemies come from nowhere - thats great because [GR] is so linear that enemies actually do spawn from nowhere inparticular! but seriously, i think a guy on here who, quite rightly, gave up playing GRAW said the same. all well and good having an urban environment to play in but not being able to play in buildings on those vivid urban streets, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter might as well have been Ghost Recon Street Warfighter you arent really advanced if you are so dumb and restricted that you can beat down a door to find a good sniping position.

realistic characteristics - oh like limping? i dont recall seeing that in GR2 or the advanced warfighter series implementing that. i remember managing to get seen by an enemy when i was hid behind a rock he couldn't possibly see around in summit strike and getting seen by enemies that could see through walls in advanced warfighter.

oh and another thing when someone dies in the later games, they magically reappear in the next mission you are with them wow! now your team mates are jesus? they even work miracles for your enemy by getting in your fire lanes how cleaver! - when someone dies in [GR] they STAY DEAD! yes Ubisoft/Grin death does exist!

anyway, enough of my ranting, what are your views on said subject?

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I do have to say that the "limp" feature in GR was awesome and why it wasnt implemented in the other GR titles has always been a question. Although at times it t'd me off, especially at critical moments in tournaments or ladder play. When you are the only one left in your team, tryin to take down 3 of the opposing team. It always intensified things for certain. But then again thats what made it unique and so much more fun. Although some of these things that you pointed out and im sayin have no doubts been discussed before. I would like to add that I rarely recall in any match that my whole team would run and gun. If you did that you died and lost!! You always had to be smart and play slow, smooth and cautious. Checking every corner, watching for frags and stayin out of the open. Although the FPS genre has gotten prettier and a more realistic feel/look over all. To me they are less thought prevoking and that is what I myself miss about GR.

Funny thing I just now recalled. When i played GR i was always thinking.. "why dont they implement close quarter battles and having more access to buildings like in R6? Why are we always open ground, long distance fights?". Now I miss it and the close quarter stuff bores me. haha Maybe a healthy balance of the two would be good.

One more thing is the "hopping" that goes on in many FPS titles now adays. Especially when I played some of the battlefield titles. Who the heck hops in a battle? You never saw that in GR. It sucked you couldnt jump...sure. But atleast you didnt have people hopping all over the place taking you down and not even injuring them. You were limited in some ways in GR but it made you think and utilize what you had.

And thats all i have to say about that....


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true VERY true :thumbsup:

i actually like not having a jump feature in GR, i think GR2 on the xbox had what i wanted. if you see a small obstacle, you can push a button and the character will jump over it or step up on it. if only the AI did the same :P that way you are eliminating the need to have a jump button and replacing it with something much more practical.

if you ask me, when Ubi say GRFS is going back to it's roots, i believe them, not because of the russia thing, but because, you still had to go stealth i mean, sod the cloak, you dont have to use it if you dont want to. at the end of the E3 demo, when kozak lines up all his buddies to shoot and kill a guard each, it sort of reminded me of the thing you would see in GR.

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