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[start with only one person on server ?]

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Im new on the board and i have a question about decticated server configuration

Iwill open a decticated server with coop mode

But when i try to jion the server alone he say waiting for a Rebbel but we will play at the same team

can i make the configure so that all ist come in as a Team when yes Who

I have working with the decticated_game_info.xml but its still so

I hope you can read my englisch is not the best i have learn :-)

with frendly regards Coldwars

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When your game is set to coop mode you are always in the same team. All humans are in the same team and the other team ist the game AIs. If this is not true on yours I think you have set yours not up already as coop server.

Sample (see line 3):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<game_info internet_speed="3000">

<server_settings type="coop">

<game_difficulty value="hard"/>

<max_deaths value="0"/>

<max_players value="2"/>

<spawn_time value="7"/>

<start_condition value="2"/>



<auto_balance_limit value="2"/>

<death_cam value="false"/>

<friendly_fire value="false"/>

<immortality_duration value="5"/>

<load_next_map value="false"/>

<name value="GRAW2 Server"/>

<punish_tk value="false"/>

<scan_for_cheats value="false"/>

<start_condition value="4"/>

<teamkill_kick_limit value="2"/>

<vote_enabled value="false"/>

<vote_kick_starters value="2"/>

<vote_map_starters value="2"/>

<vote_ratio value="51"/>

<vote_time value="45"/>


<match_info level="coop_mexbob_journalist_day_v2" order="1">



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