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[which weapon mod(s) to play with ?]

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Hello, new to forum but been playing ghost recon since the beggining. This my first experience with computer and have to say i love it! Mods, maps, everything. Jobs well done and appreciated to all.

Anyway, wondering if anyone uses bretzies for coop, would be nice to play with someone, i have 3.02, maybe i should use weapon masters? or Rahn?

I know this game is not new but i'll be playing it till i die.


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u rarely see a brettzies mod server and most u do see are not a dedi server

we have a rahns mod server up all the time and there are a few others that have one as well

to disable a mod so u can play on a normal server all u have to do is remove the local folder to the desktop (safe area) or open the local folder and remove the contents

everything else that comes with a mod can stay (dont affect anticheat)

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I normally just rename the local folder to something similar like "Local_1". That way you don't have to move anything around and nothing gets lost. When you want to play the mod just name it back to "local" and you're good to go.


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