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BSOD while playing [GR] on my laptop


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the reason i am confused is because it will play more demanding games perfectly. well by perfect i mean it doesnt crash.

Intel Celeron 2Ghz


mobile intel 4 series express chipset.

windows 7

97GB free space.

Alex said it is the battery, simply because it is defective and it isnt able to power the components. but when i told her it will run more demandig games fine even she was stumped and she's the tech freak.

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OK we are going to need a lot more details if we are going to be able to try to help

First and most importantly what exactly is the BSoD Error Number and Error message ?

Is it actually a BSoD or is game just crashing to desktop

Have you played GR OK on the Laptop before ? (with the current Operating System)

    if so what changes have you made since last time it played OK

    have you changed hardware or drivers since

or have you just recently installed GR on this laptop ?

    if so did installation go OK ? or were there any problems reported/encountered?

did this just Blue Screen once or is it happening every-time you try to play GR ?

if every-time:

    When exactly is it happening ? is it at the same point

    Does the game launch OK to menu/options page OK, but then crash when playing on the map "in the game world"

    Is it happening right when you do the same thing (eg click on or do something or when something specific happens in the game) ?

    Have you tried editing the modsset file to remove all Mods and Expansion and then see if still happens

    Are you using the genuine installation exe and not a modified one ?

    Is the game patched to the latest version 1.4


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my apoligies XD

i cant get the Error number because windows 7 forces a restart really quickly.

but i got KERNEL POWER ERROR it happens every time i play GR and the Gold edition DVD has the patches so i made sure i put them to good use. i dont think i have ever seen it working on the system

it crashes at the same point, on load up before the intro videos are shown.

Geniune install and i have tried deactivating the expansions, reinstalling the game all together and i still get the crashes.

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Right, that sounds like a "Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" "Event ID: 41"

Unfortunately that isn't an error about the actual cause.

That error just means Windows has noticed that it has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first

so something prior to that had caused it to crash or loose power so suddenly and totally that it didn't have any time to properly generate a message about the cause.

so windows only knows after the reboot that it has unexpectedly rebooted, but not what it was that caused that event to happen.

OK, First thing to try is to look in the event log for the most recent Event ID: 41 (at the time of the crash) and look at the Details tab for the EventData

please Copy+Paste all of the EventData here

and hopefully the BugcheckCode will be something other than zero

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i think my laptop is desperately trying to annoy us, it only goes up to the last 7 days and i uninstalled GR about a fortnight ago i just havent got around to asking this. i'll reinstall it and tell you if it happens. Alex has fished out another battery for it, so she will try it out and see if it works

if i remember clearly, when i checked the Event viewer and took a look at the Kernel Power error to get the codes it had a 0 in there, i'm not sure i'll reinstall anyway

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Uploaded Options.xml for GR


Showing intros is on by default. Some systems will CTD because of this.

If I remember correctly the game must initially startup and run to write the options.xml

In your case if it has never started up properly I'm guessing you don't have a options.xml in your GR directory. This makes it difficult to edit the options.xml and change <show intro> to false.

I can't say that I have heard of having show intro as true causing a BSOD, usually it is a CTD.

But this may be worth a try.

I'm a win7 user and have two options.xml's.

One in the Main directory and the other in Virtual Store.

So the above zip file has both of mine included with a text file of the file location.

I think the game uses the one in Virtual Store. I have considered deleting the one in the main directory but Win7 is a odd about .xml's so I'm leaving it as is.

It is a good idea to change the screen resolution line in the .xml to one that will work on your computer.

Currently it is set to :

<VideoResolution Width = "1680" Height = "1050" BitDepth = "32"/>

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i uninstalled GR about a fortnight ago i just havent got around to asking this.

Ahh right, Yeah two weeks ago is a bit too long ago for good Problem Determination

Really Tech Support threads should start while everything is still fresh and no log files have been overwritten, Ideally within a day of the event.

Maybe try running CCleaner to ensure registry is totally clean of all traces of the old installation before installing GR Gold again

I can't say that I have heard of having show intro as true causing a BSOD, usually it is a CTD.

Yeah, that's why I didn't suggest it yet ^_^

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i gave the laptop a full revamp, new screen, new battery, new RAM and a fresh install of windows 7 with Ubuntu as Dual boot, it seems to work okay now, she only had 1 BSOD but that was DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO wich was easy solved, that could have been the problem in the first place XD

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