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GR:IT 03_Jaguar Maze in Arma2 vid.


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Nice footage. Hey Lightspeed, I have never played ArmA 2. As I see, all engagements are from long distances (well, in real world they would be in short range, but in Ghost Recon they would be put as long range). Is some serious stealth/cqb gameplay possible?

The Sum of All Fears on the opening song?

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CQB is certainly possible in Arma2 - the nature of that map made it medium to long range but you can get closer contact in urban environment.

Stealth is a tricky thing in Arma2 - while GR was unrealistic in some areas of stealth (too easy to keep stealth), Arma2 is more difficult to keep stealth.

If you lay low and don't engage it is possible to get within 10 meters of so of AI and not be spotted, however, once you start taking down targets it can get hectiv pretty quickly.

AI are very good at flanking and laying down suppression fire while they move to flank so you need to move quickly to a new location.

It's a different game but it's every bit as good as Ghost Recon was, much better in many areas but some consider it not as good in other areas.

Everyone who has played my missions in Arma2 agree that it is like playing improved Ghost Recon.

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