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Different sights on M14


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I've been trying to get different sights on the m14 and I'm starting to get frustrated. Ive managed to get brettzies acog and eotech on the model by adding their mod_id to the m14 in the weapon_data.xml. The attachments don't show on the gun in the pregame weapon select menu; tho i can select them from the menu on the right. I see the models in-game but when i right click to aim-down-the-sights nothing happens. Has anyone ever had these sights working on the stock graw 2 m14? is it possible?


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The only sights that I know of that work on the M14 are the iron sights, M14 Scope, and Brettzie's M14_Aimpoint. The other scopes are not configured for the M14 so the alignment node wouldn't line up correctly (i.e. the sight wouldn't be accurate). I think the reason that you cannot get the scopes to zoom in (i.e. to "work") is because the animations don't exist for the M14. The reason that the pictures don't show is because Brettzie never made the pictures for these scopes attached to the M14. He never intended that they be used as attachments for this particular gun.

Although I cannot say for certain (because I have not tested it for myself), I believe that you will not get the ACOG to work on the M14. You can "cheat" and get the eotech reticle inside the aimpoint housing. I did this on my mod with regard to the "reflex" and "rx4 combatsight". But if you want to have the eotech housing then you are probably out of luck. Now that I think of it you might be able to get the ACOG reticle inside the m14_sniper scope and then reduce the magnification of the scope to make it resemble a 4x scope like the ACOG. But if you want the ACOG housing then you are ...... again ...... out of luck.

Sorry for the bad news,


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