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Incorrect map/mod version error

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Installed Brettzies Weapon Pack v3.0 GRAW2, now I can't run multiplayer because it says incorrect version, need to upgrade. The version is changed when installing the mod, anyway to get these games to recognize this version?

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It maybe because the server you are trying to join is not using the weapon mod.

Click once on the server you want to join and then click "server info" it will tell you there what mods they are using, in your case the version should say:

1.05 (30899.3048bp_weapons_pack_3.0)

If they are using the standards weapons then it would be:

1.05 (30899.3048)

If they are running the standard weapons or a different version of the Brettzies mod you will get the incorrect version error.

Have a look here as v3.02 is the current version.

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Thanks John, going into the multiplayer, I am presented with a list of servers. The one's I have checked are running the standard weapons version. Are you saying that maybe some of the servers listed may be running the Brettzies Weapon Mod? Are there other lists that I can access? The list I am presented with automatically only fills the screen twice (I know this depends on resolution, I just haven't counted them) . Like I say, I am a newbie, learning....thanks for your patience.

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John, I went back and counted the servers on the list, there were 60, only found one that was correct version for the mod mentioned before. That one required a password. All of the ones I check and have played were standard version. If this is the only list, seems the mod, at least on the list I get, is not very popular. Surely, there must be another list, that specializes using Brettzies Weapon Pack v3.0 GRAW2 (really thats v3.02). Thanks

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Hi tom,

The sever list that you see in the game is the only list available but they do change as they go on and off line.

You will often find that some servers use an old version of the Brettzies mod but as you said I am also surprised that how few servers are running this mod, you can always start the game without the mod active then join some of the other servers.

If you are playing co-op missions you can play these on your own by starting an online or LAN server.

If you need any help starting the game without the Brettzies mod or how to start your own server then I can post instructions.

Hope that helps,


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John, I do know how to run the standard version and run the games that listed, except when they say I don't have the correct map. So two things, I don't know how to update the maps they need nor do I know how to set up my own server. What advantage do I have for setting up my own server? Should I be asking these questions somewhere else so that others can respond or are you the proper person to do it.



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You will need to find the correct version of the map that the server is hosting, again that will be in the server info.

To get the latest version of any TvT (Team v Team) map take a look at our download section for these maps.

The latest co-op missions can be found here.

Once you have downloaded the map decompress the file (if it is compressed) and copy the bundle file and paste it into the custom_levels folder where you installed the game, as you have installed the Brettzies mod you should be able to find the folder ok.

To create your own online server start the game and then select "Multiplayer" then "Create Server", on the next screen select the map you want to play from the left hand box then double click the map and it will appear in the right hand box, once that is done select "Create Server" and the map will load.

For a LAN server the process is the same but you need to select "LAN Server" from the dropdown list at the top right of the screen where it says "Server Type".

The advantage of using your own server is you will be able to play any map using your weapon mod and not have the wrong version error, if other players join your server they will need to have the same mods as you are running and the same version.

Please note that if you are playing a TVT map then you will need more than one player for these maps, co-op maps can be played on your own against the AI.

There are other options there but this should be enough to get you started.

If you have anymore problems then please ask,


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Tom i use 3.02 as well and start my own mutliplayer, i name it "Graw server bp weapons3.02" or "bretzies3.02" feel free to join me as it seem i am the only one playing it as well. i do use some downloaded maps. If you start one and i'm online i will gladly join, that goes for anyone else too, love this game :yes:

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