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looking for AW mods


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Hi all,

I ask you for help in finding AW maps. I've already found most of them - AW01, AW02, AW03, AW04, AW05, AW06, AW07, AW10 and versions of AW01 and AW10 in OGR Cooperative, but as you see - two of those maps are still missing in on my list: AW08 and AW09. I found AW09 on ghostrecon.net but link is broken (reported), and AW08 is not at all.

So, if any one have these maps, please upload them somewhere and give a link to download.

If you will, after gathering all the maps, I can pack up and move somewhere on the server to download.

Thanks for any help :)

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Many thanks for fixed link John :thumbsup:

About AW08 - i found this topic on GR.net forum - it's very old, i know... the link to Shadow Company Elite is working, but they do not have any Download section, so i suppose - in this new site version they decided to erase it. I'll try to contact with them, maybe they have this missing map ;) You never know :)

If i'll get any info - or map - i'll give you a tip :yes:

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Hey hey hey!!! You found me. At the time I was working on a mission called Road to Anger and it was changed at the last minute to become Road to Reaper.

There was a clan that had a sudden death in the group and asked that I dedicate a map to them. So I changed the name Road to Anger and created AW09 Road to Reaper. AW just means Advanced Warfighter and the # is just a number of the map I was working on at the time :-) In that map you will see a wall with messages from some of his fellow members as well as a memorial on a corner. Now that map has some slight issues regarding lag because of all the cars and explosive objects so if anyone wants to tweek it please do so. I left SCE because of some areas I disagreed with and created my own group Urban Task Force, but recently we were spammed so registration was removed, lol. If you have any further questions feel free to email me at tomanger@comcast.net

AW08 I believe was a combination of AW05 AW06 and AW07. I put them all together for a large scale mission. The center point of AW06 was a bottle neck for some cool battle. Unfortunately I cannot find this mission anywhere on my pc. The CORE clan did run it for some time so you may want to refresh their memory on Tom Anger GRAW maps and if they know if they have this missing map. To be honest it is too large and needs at best 16 player to make a great session.

By the way if anyone wants to setup some night to have a GRAW gaming night I will see if I am available. These maps took time to make and are real fun to play.

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