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Hello Folks,

I've been exclusively playing [GR] for quite a while now, and I need a bit of a break. I've owned GRAW for a couple of years now, and only tried it for a few weeks. Doubtless, since then, new mods have been released that are "must have's" and that hopefully significantly elevate it from its original status. In this regard, I'm hoping to get recommendations to mods that maximize realism (round penetration in particular), AI behavior, weapon and gear options, and the like. Graphic-enhancing mods are at the bottom of this list for me.

Also, if you would be so kind, could you tell me which combination of mods work well together (if it's even possible to launch multiple mods at the same time other than through activating one "comprehensive" mod)?

Thank you in advance!



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Only 1 mod can be used at any time for this.

Brettzies Weapons Mod would probably be a good place to start.

GRAW Community Mod Pack This is a good mod, used it myself to play through the main campaign. From the description:

Hardcore COOP mod compilation with no friendly green diamonds, no Nar Com video window, and Blood Mod v1.0 by DiGiTALY -TC- is also included amongst other effects.

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I'm sorry to hear that only one mod can be used at time!

Thank you for your recommendations. There's a mod for v. 6 of Brettzies weapon pack that adjust the weapons' capabilities, extending the round penetration capabilities to more of the weapons. Has anyone tried it yet, and would like to give some feedback on it here?

Here's a link to it:

My link

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A good question. One which I asked myself last night, but over on this thread: My link

Having played GRAW for the first time in years quickly reminded me of one of the features that I disliked most about it, such as having your AI comrades consistently way too far away from one another, and from you. There are a couple of "combination" mods for GRAW that I'm aware of that make mention of AI adjustments, but out of the two, the only one that I know of that had designs to alter the AI spacing was Vth_F_Smith's Realism Optimization Mod (a.k.a. "ROM"); it's thread is here: My link. His goals expressed in the first thread are very worthy ones. I don't know how many of these were addressed by the time of the mod's last release.

What I do know is that I love Brettzie's v. 6 of his weapons pack, and I did overwrite the pack's settings with the TLS Balance Mod, and so far, I have no complaints with said mod's alterations of Brettzie's initial settings.

That said, I strongly feel that there should be a combination mod that certainly addresses the AI issues, as well as incorporates Brettzie's latest release (with the TLS Balance Mod integrated as well). If I get some recommendations on how to do this, I'll certainly try with experimenting with my own compilation mod, but I need some guidance first.

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what i usually do is use trial and error i note down every last thing i did and the outcome. so say i copied a modified version of the U_player.xml file (that gives me invincibility) into the units file of a community developed mod (that has it's own U_player file wich would cancel out my one) i would note down that i had copied the modified U_player.xml file into >C/program files/Ubisoft/GRAW/local/english/Units so on and so forth. then i would start GRAW and check the outcome. if it crashes then i would note it down and try and fix it. if it loads the mission correctly but i dont have god mode. then i will look into the copied file and see if it is done correctly. if it works all out then i will note down that it was done correctly.

so just try and mess about but know where you went wrong if the game crashes. only change one thing at a time, note what you changed and where the changes where made so you can restore the old files if need be.

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