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A challenge [to GR players]

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I have been browsing these forums for many years looking at all the posts from old school GR players who pray for an updated GR with better graphix. I too, used to moan about not getting the true sequel to GR for way too long, and gradually accepted that maybe it wasnt coming and I needed to expand my horizons and give other games a good shot.

Tried them all for a while - the CODs, the MoHs, the BoBs, and the list goes on...but they just didnt cut it.

I even tried vanilla OFP (and that was just horrible!!)

Years later, when Arma was released I thought maybe the time had finally come for a successor to the great game that was original Ghost Recon, but sadly, the clunkiness of the controls, the cover that wasn't cover, and the super AI skills made it a failure in the end. So much potential but too many bugs and too many game killers.

Would Arma2 be the breakthrough I wondered - OFP:DR definitely wasn't?

Well I knew that Bohemia Interactive Studios seemed to learn from their mistakes and shortcomings and always tried to fix the issues. Indeed, their efforts in making cover work like cover involved a complete rethink and rebuild in the engine, and it works really damn well now.

The AI in GR were the best I've ever played against, and I also wondered whether BIS would be able to create AI to match their skills and human-like behavior. Well they have, and in many respects their AI have surpassed those of GR. Coupled with modding scripts like Urban Patrol Script, and you have some seriously intelligent and dangerous AI - you need to think very carefully about how to beat them.

So where am I going with this? And what is the challenge?

It goes like this - I have been saying for a while now that the future of Ghost Recon is here now, and it is called Arma2. This is not new - you're probably tired of hearing it.

So I want to offer up a simple challenge if you could call it that - and the only ones that can win and lose are you guys. I am so convinced that Arma2 can be our/your Ghost Recon today that I wanted to demonstrate it to the GR fans by recreating Island Thunder campaign using Arma2. I have taken the modding skills I learnt in GR plus those learnt using the Arma editor and have spent the last few months trying to recreate that GR-feel and gameplay as closely as possible. And now I want you to try it out - SP or MP 7-man Coop.

If at the end of the campaign you honestly don't enjoy and don't see what I see, then I will only be sorry that Arma2 didnt give you that feeling that GR is not dead, but alive and kicking.

But you will need to open your eyes wider too - you will have to get used to ballistics, bullet drop and wind effects. You will have to get used to a weapons view not a reticule. Essentially, you are not loading up GR but a different game that has some new things that you will have to get used to - it takes a little time but if you give it a chance, you may just come away smiling.

Ghost Recon was/is brilliant - no doubt about it and I am as diehard as any GR player ever was, but I am also looking ahead not living the past. GR was not perfect and part of moving forwards means that you have to accept its flaws.

No weapons view.

No bullet drop.

No live insertions.

No medic.

No destructible environments (in the true sense, yes some scripted stuff).

No thinking armor.

etc etc brilliant game but still with its flaws.

Arma2 is no different - it has flaws but it is brilliant too.

Many ppl may have tried Arma2 on huge servers with foreign ppl playing wierd gametypes with the stock clunky gunsway and hazy view. This is not Arma2 - just one incarnation of an almost limitless array of configurations. This is the most moddable milsim ever made and I have painstakingly tried to mould GR into it.

Please give it a go if you're dying for your new GR - and maybe, just maybe you will see what I have seen.

(I will post a link in the next few days to the first release)

And for those who may think this is for personal gain - I have never modded anything for personal gain unless you consider my enjoyment in creating and sharing what I do to be so.

Give it a shot - and I hope you enjoy it.

Lighty ;)

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Ok guys, well you know I've been busy the last few months on this campaign (my efforts to bring Ghost Recon to Arma2).

It's available as SP or 7-man MP COOP.

Teaser Trailer by wombat50 (thankyou brother for your skills again) -

Download - version 1-0


Features -

Norrins Revive - adjustable in parameters (default 1) - Leader has 1 revive only so protect your leader at all times!

UPSMON script

Random House Patrol

Requires - Lingor Island and Lingor Units.

This is my passion now in the gaming world - and if you decide to play it then I hope you enjoy it. ;)


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Teaser Trailer by wombat50 (thankyou brother for your skills again)

Happy to do it for you Lighty.

I'm new to Arma2 and still a tad uncomfortable with it. However, this campaign really had the Ghost Recon flavor for me and I felt very much at home playing it. Anyone desiring Ghost Recon in an updated engine, look no further, this is it.

Well done Lighty :thumbsup:

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This is the stuff! Will there be more Lightspeed? I don't necesserily mean a further recreation of Original Ghost Recon missions as you have here, but the way you've nailed the essence of Ghost Recon, and brought it to ArmA II/OA the way you have here -- I think I'd like just about anything you do in the future for the 'Real Virtuality 3' engine!

+ 5 out of 5 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Thank you very, very much Lightspeed! I have just recently started playing ArmA 2 and am slowly learning how to stay alive in its environments. Your mission remakes are wonderfully done and have inspired me to learn all I can about the nuances of the game. It took me awhile today to get everything installed correctly (I have the Steam versions and struggled to get the game properly configured so it didn't crash with Lingor) but it's all good now and we're Ghosting again :)

Great job!


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I haven 't played arma 2 but does it have an injury model? (limp, chest, arm, head all effecting you differently where you are hit.) And does it support laddering.

Without those 2, it can never be like GR in a Multiplayer clan vs clan sense. The injuries alone helped you identify with the player and feel your players pain as you took impact.

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I haven 't played arma 2 but does it have an injury model? (limp, chest, arm, head all effecting you differently where you are hit.) And does it support laddering.

Without those 2, it can never be like GR in a Multiplayer clan vs clan sense. The injuries alone helped you identify with the player and feel your players pain as you took impact.

it does have injury effects - ACE2 are extremely good but not sure if i go down that road yet.

does Arma2 support laddering - i dont see why not - whats the issue? you create a gametype and get clan vs clan matches going. i really dont get it.

if you want it - you can build it in Arma2.

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The U.S. Special Forces D Company 1st Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (Ghosts) are back...

(Thank you Lightspeed :thumbsup: )

I haven't visited this GR.Net forum in so long. However, I noticed Lightspeed's Island Thunder ArmA2 missions, I was curious to see if the ever watchful GR.Net had caught wind of it. Of course, here it is. :thumbsup:

I played the first mission c07_GRIT_mis1_v1-0.lingor on our Phoenix Soldiers dedicated CO-OP server. Lightspeed, you really captured the "Ghost Recon feeling" (original Ghost Recon feeling) in the first mission. I loved it. I played with 4 other Phoenix Soldiers. We finished the mission with no casualties (not always the case), and had a great time throughout the mission.

However, I did alter the mission to fit our no-respawn style of CO-OP play, which really made your already excellent mission even better. The altered version is only played on our server, for our members.

The alterations I added were minimum, as follows.

-Disabled the Revive Script

-Removed the respawn

-Disabled the AI in the Description file

-Used Alpha Squad's TASM Mod, to custom set the tangos, making them more challenging and believable. (the TASM settings are custom set for our server)

-Added ACE2 Wounding system

-Added ACE2 Force Markers Off

-Added our custom set Kit load out (with ACE2 Backpack system)

I look forward to playing the next seven missions now. I'm going to be busy in the ArmA2 Editor tonight. ;)


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We had a bash at the first two yesterday, a lot of fun. There were spaces as not everyone turned up and there is already talk of another go this Wednesday UK time. Well made missions with more than a feel of GR accordinging to those that played both.

Excellent. I'll be sure to look for a game (most likely on the weekend!)

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Beautiful Work, Lightspeed. I just viewed the demo/trailer and I'm really impressed. I've no idea how you did this but now I've got to buy a PC so that I can play GR - the real GR and not on the XBOX. haha Thanks GR community for supporting him and for supporting GR. You guys are awesome.

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well i issued the challenge to the old school GR players here - and not sure how many took up the challenge (i know some of you will ignore the challenge and continue to pine for the sequel - good luck with that lol).

but i can tell you honestly that i have been playing these coop missions with plenty of players every weekend (most of them old school GR players) and they are all loving it.

i was lucky to have a mate of mine record some of the action and this in turn was found by PCGamer - http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/03/08/arma-2-gets-awesome-ghost-recon-mod-war-movie/

so for the last time i say, the new GR is alive and well in Arma2/OA - either join in the fun or don't - but if you choose not to try it then you really have no excuse to complain anymore about the sequel that never came. ;)


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Hello lightspeed. Thanks for your hard work and I am excited to try this out. I too, finally gave up on a GR sequel and went searching elsewhere, I stumbled on Project Reality and bought the ARMA 2 CO in preperation for that upcoming release. Then i saw a post about this on the forums of one of the clans I have been playing PR with. The circle is now complete (in my best yoda voice)!

I did have a question. On the site armaholic site for this mod it says that the SP and COOP versions are available and then that (SP is coming soon!) Is that a typo. I am hoping that since SP is already listed as availabe that that means MP is coming soon? Or am I missing something here?

Again. stoked to try this out. Thanks alot.


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