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RIP Spectre65 (aka Phantom)

Cpl Ledanek

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Zjj approved:

it saddens me to bring this news, that our brother Spectre65 aka Sam has recently passed away Feb 7 due to a massive heart attack.

I know some of you know Sam from GR.NET and even personally. He was there early in the game of Rainbow Six and GhostRecon. He was a resident Tech Support.

Sam taught me how to build a gaming PC. He helped me build even my last rig, a total of 3 gaming rig. He was very patient and methodical with his support. He was generous with his time when helping me.

Sam taught me how set up a VOIP. He may have been the first member I ever talked VOIP. He was the first person that my wife thought I was cheating on <_< ----thanks to Oprah breaking the news that husbands have been chatting to "someone" over in the Internet.

I had to tell Sam to say hi over my speakers to clarify things. :rofl:

I was in the clear ever since :thumbsup:

Last time I talked to Sam was early last year and was able to greet him for his 45th Birthday.

My only regret was not to meet Sam personally and buy him that beer that I constantly said I would, every time he would help me with my PC.

Sam was a generous man, and I was very glad to have crossed path with him.

Semper Fidelis Sam.

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our brother Spectre65 aka Sam

He was probably more commonly known around here as Phantom.

I heard about this a few hours ago and I am still in shock. He has had so many injuries that I didn't think there wasn't anything that he wouldn't recover from.

My thoughts and prayers are with his teenage son.

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He is in Oklahoma now. From what I can determine, though, is that the service may already have taken place.

I'm trying to find contact information for his mother (I used to have it) and reach out to her during this difficult time. He was her oldest child.

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I've not heard from him in years. I know that the family will be very happy to see any outreach that comes their way. When it's that unexpected and sudden it's a huge shock and people aren't sure how to react. I'm sure you'll let us know what you find out.

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