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Heckler & Koch 416


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The first M4 styled rifle made by a big name manufacturer to use the piston driven system over the gas system (the M4's biggest flaw). I think they were first... Some of the stuff featured in the first video is erroneous. That grenade launcher is another H&K product that can be mounted on any railed weapon - I assume just by looking at it.

Still a very cool rifle, but not a one of a kind type thing. Lots of manufacturers have moved to the piston system, or at least offer the option. It's a huge design improvement for the M4 style but unfortunately kinda costly.

I'll take any excuse to watch some full auto fire! :)

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Did anyone see this on uk tv last night?, never realised how much abuse the 416 can take.
I'd say a lot have watched it. It aired in the U.S. a few years ago and it's been on YouTube for as long.


Had heard the A3 416 was having some issues. But it appears to work pretty well otherwise!

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