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GRAW - changed fire mode (PC)


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Hello everyone,

I like this forum. I have only one small problem in playing GR:AW. However in game menu there´s not possibility changing the fire mode between Single shot, Full ammo, I can´t simply figure it out how to switch between the fire modes during the game. I would like to play with single shooting but have no idea how to. In mission one I had single shooting and at the beginning of Coupe d´etat (mission two) I have full ammo now. What is really annoying. I have PC version.

Thanks for info. See you. sonic.

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So, it´s not 'b', 'f', or 'x' ...it´s ' z/y ' next to 'x' key on keyboard. More, under the icon your weapon (if there is possiibilty of two fire modes) on the right side down the screen, you can see for single shooting just one ammo and for full ammo fire mode a row of ammo, that shows what fire mode you currently have on weapon.

Thanks. See you.

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