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So I searched the forums and found out that changing class names is tricky. But they said you can switch class names with others and u can change them as long as they have the same or less letters than before. But how do you do this? I think it has to do with 'strings.res' but what exactly do u change? I keep getting a CTD right before GR actually loads. I want to change all riflemen to snipers and everyone else to spotter (SPOT is fine, or just change sniper to rifleman)

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I don't think you can change class names or create more classes in SP.

In MP it can be done. Look at the MP Actor Files in either the 9MS or Alpha Squad mod to see how they did it.

Example classes for Platoon 1 (Black can not change. Red is the variable)




9MS mod has 22 different classes in Platoon 1

Example MP .atr file:




<ActorName>9MS Spotter</ActorName>








<KitPath>spotter</KitPath> //note this is the name of the kit folder for this class















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Yes, it can be done, but you were right on the limitations. You'll need to edit the strings.res file - preferably with a hex editor in overwrite mode. Locate the strings for each class and overwrite them with the new values while maintaining the same number of characters (you can use blank characters to "fill" shorter names). There should (theoretically) even be a way to change the strings for longer ones but that involves a more complex approach.

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