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M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle

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The M27 is the excuse to the USMC deploy HK416s without burocracy. It will never be used for sustained fire, as the LSW and the Colt Automatic Rifle never did.

The weapons is new, and as the weapon mod started slowing down, probably the weapon doesn't exist in game yet.

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It is basically just a modified HK416. I figured it wouldn't be in game, just a thought. I'm really interested to see how it will be employed. I highly doubt it will ever replace the SAW but integrating 2 per team with the SAW would be a great idea. Too bad the Marine Corps has declined to buy beta mags to employ with it. So its basically becomming a full auto M16 with better accuracy. But I see it being used as a DM rifle rather than a LMG. One problem with the SAW was when you moved to MOUT, room clearing is pretty sketchy with an open bolt weapon that jams as much as the SAW. So I'm interested to see how the trials go with the M27, a few dudes are taking them to Afghanistan in a short time, so I guess we'll see.

What mods come with the HK416? I'm sure there's plenty.

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