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Frame Rate Tweak

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Ok, i saved this little guide from before the hack attack occurred. Credit for this guide goes to Nemon. Hope it helps!

Ok since a few people have asked me how i managed to get 475fps (as shown here)(link removed) in GR i might post what i did.

Based on Geforce Ti 4200 128MB.

Get these 2 applications,

www.guru3d.com RivaTuner

www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ RefreshForce

Im also using the latest NVidia drivers www.nvidia.com 40.41


// For fastest graphics in GR


Ok start out by using refreshforce and follow the instructions to ensure you have uncapped the refresh rate limits, check in GR that you can exceed 60fps to make sure you are uncapped (stare at the sky and turn all settings low if you must), to view FPS in single player bring the console down and type:


this will also make it visible in multiplayer game.

Fire up RivaTuner, goto the DirectX setup tab as GhostRecon is a DirectX game wink.gif .

VSync Tab: Turn VSync off, leave the prerender limit at 3 (you may want to experiment later with this number).

Textures Tab: Turn Anisotropy degree to 0 (looks ugly but its fast), you may want to try 1.

AntiAliasing Tab: Enable AntiAliasing, Method none, Force in all DirectX applications.

Game Settings: 24bit ZBuffer, 800x600x32, High everything, Mipmap textures, All Shadows off.


// For best looking graphics based on a Geforce 4


Textures Tab: Set Anisotropy degree 8, Click the optimize button, Tick Stages 0, 2, 3 and set level anisotropy level to 0 (this cleans up blury lines in menus).

AntiAliasing Tab: Enable AntiAliasing, Method 2x Quincunx, Force in all DirectX applications.

Game Settings: 1024x768x32, Everything high, Shadows off, Mipmap textures.


// Additional tips


Never use shadows.

On Geforce 2 type cards running at 800x600x32 might be best with level 1 Anisotropy.

In single player and go into the first mission on bring the console down (numpad enter) type:


the trees will stop swaying and you get an instant (i was gonna say 10FPS but i just got a boost of 60FPS on first map) or more, on maps with more trees this could give BIG performance boost.

Keep in mind this was posted on Sept.2002, that's why the driver's are out of date. :)

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