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Operation Trident


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This all is very interesting and I need to read that in a silent minute...... but what fix do you mean with "So I applied the fix and ran through trident and got 55fps "?

I'm a energy saver guy that's why I use a laptop board (D600) with CPU as dedi server. As hard drive I use a very fast 8GB CF card with adapter so the space is limited special for the paging file. I removed all not needed services to get a smooth running OS. Thanks for the offer brett but I'm IT as well. Have mostly to do with office systems and servers so this world is a little bit different as well. If I get time I will image that CF card to a normal hard drive first, replace the 1.6 CPU with a 1.8M/2MB cache which is fast as well (single core) and check the memory if I can upgrade from 1GB to 2GB. With my clients I can do nothing at the moemnt because I just spend 800 Euro for a new clutch (car) and need to have inspection with valve adjustment for my GRAW mobil (Kawasaki EN500A)

Oh...my 2 desktops are just for playing and I'm using a second D600 for wrinting this because I hate to use 150W for surfing and reading.

Like I said, this discussion is very interesting and thank you for the look behind to see how many lines of code you used. Respect, it's amazing! Do you have co-workers or are you doing the whole work by yourself?

....and Brett, what the hell is tthe "superman mode"? :o Is there a special drink needed or what is your secret?

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It's been an interesting discussion, thanks for sticking with it.

...Do you have co-workers or are you doing the whole work by yourself?

Yep, all my maps are done by me (apart from my slaves that live in my attic :lol: ), I keep meaning to make a record of the time spent making a map/mission, I think it would be getting up to the 100 hours mark as all my missions now have a new custom made map built from scratch.

We now have a possible solution to these crash problems but I don't think it will work for everyone.

One thing we can take from this is that these big maps are not best suited for coop missions so in a way it is the map that is at fault for just being to big. :whistle:

I think the reason that Bogie's map is more stable than this one is down to the amount of code in the scripts, with all the new features that I have introduced lately it seems to push the game to far on these big maps.

So, do you all think we have done all we can here, is this ready for release? :unsure:

I've got a bit behind with my next map, what with doing the campaign missions and the map for a certain team (which is now finished) I won't have a new beta for a while but the next one is progressing.

Thanks all, :thumbsup:


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as long as the guy at the extraction is outa the wall i think its ready for release

easy fix for the lag issue is to stick together dont go after to many obj at once or spread out on the map at once

harrylee map doesnt lag like this is b/c u cant spread out on the map u are kept in a relative close spave to one another for the whole map (tho it will lag out and crash if u do the big one alone and dont kill them fast enough) trust me i dont have the 2000+ ai one on our server for this reason (i like to do the 1600 one alone, what can i say i like the practice)

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I am always getting the map crash when I c4 the PC terminal in the underground bunker where you have to blow up the switch on the column before you can gain access.....anyone else had this ? Its the one with the writing on keyboard.

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