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I'm not saying Predator for the PSP was recieved with universal acclaim when it was released, but while I was preparing a review of this version of Ghost Recon, I did come across a couple of interesting features.

First of all, lot's of gamers (like me) really missed civilians, non combatants, in GRAW1/2. In Ghost Recon they really added to the gameplay and realism. Sadly missed in AW.

But, they are back in Predator.

Also, GRAW did introduce something new, selectable insertion points, which was a nice touch, tactically.

This is also in Predator.

That's two unique and best features from earlier games, that both appear in Predator.

I'm trying my best not to say something like "if only the same approach could be taken with Future Soldier", because that's for another sub-forum, but I thought I'd through it out there, as most folks probably didn't know this. :)

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That's two unique and best features from earlier games

Yes definitely. Civilians are great for keeping you on your toes with fire control. The option to select an insertion in AW was a very good implementation indeed.

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Although SWAT3 was not reallistic (well, at least when you go from Stealth to Dynamic, then back to Stealth, compromising the life of hostages then going slow as if nothing happened), it was really immersive. You really was afraid of being shot. Also, there were no Save/Load game: If you died in the middle of the mission, you would have to do it all again.

With the Tactical Game of the Year award a decade ago, a expansion pack was released. It allowed the use of two elements (5 members in each one).

The engine allowed first person view and, with some good models, it should do, but mostly it was never upgraded.

There is some initiative to upgrade SWAT 3, like allowing higher resolutions in textures and for the screen.

God, I remember how moding SWAT 3 was easy. You needed paint, wordpad and, at most, the GSMSkinHacker. It was very fun... Good old times.

Now, after some acclaimed titles in the tactical genre, some how it died. After Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon and SWAT 3 the things were not the same anymore.

It's good to see (at least some of) the features of these classic games being recycled in newer titles, but they are few, very few.

I still remember:

"As an element..." - "Stack up..." - "Open the door..." - "Mirror for threats..." - "Deploy CS and clear..." and so on.

This is what I miss: issuing orders to your teammates.

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