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Vehicle Unloads/Occupants Assume Path

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Really quick question, probably simple. I'm Blakarion's (sp?) Zil truck. I have 3 teams in the back. Once the truck reaches its path's end they unload and start a path towards a position. But right now once they unload they all go into the prone and crawl that path regardless of whether I lock the stance to upright or not. I have it set so that when the truck is within 1m of a zone (its end point) thier path starts. I tried adding Wait 1-10 seconds before thier path but still no go. Any suggestions?

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What script commands are you using for the teams to get in and out of the vehicles?

I had this issue using a custom vehicle.

Removed the passenger teams plans to get in and out of vehicles. Left just the driver with normal plans.

Then put the passengers into a new platoon on there own.

Now used vehicle load platoon and unload vehicle now the passengers exited standing and went on there path correct. Not sure what causes it though. And the driver still remained prone. But you could load him back up and have him sit there or drive off.

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Thanks for the quick reply Tinker. Once again you saved me. :thumbsup:

Before I used plans linked directly to the teams to load the vehicle. And the unload command was in the vehicle's plan. But now I use the script to both load and unload the vehicle. The driver still goes to the prone and does nothing, but I wasn't concerned with him anyways. It works exactly how I wanted it. But one thing I noticed...before the guys would sit in the truck normally, but with the new scripting they stand on thier seats instead, not a big deal but it looks kinda wierd with the passenger standing with his head through the truck's roof.

Thanks again.

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