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Picking a new laptop

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I guess it depends what you want to use your laptop for ... just surfing and watching vids or a bit of gaming, editing photos etc? And then of course there's your budget ...

An i3 seems a little underpowered. I wonder if you can get an i5 at a larger mass-production vender like Dell for a similar price? However it is possible the i3 will run cooler and be less noisy, but perhaps that is more dependent on clock speed?

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I have to agree. Seen many HP's with known issues like bad caps on mainboards that conviently go after warranty.

Asus makes some really nice stuff. I have a netbook @ work, and for an atom processor, the thing rocks. Installed Windows 7 Enterprise too it and upgraded to 2gb of ram. 10 hours battery woot.

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Avoid HP Pavilion's like the plague. The specs may be sexy, but the innards are simply too cheap and they wear out in record time: Life expectancy is less than 12 months.

Yup had the same replies from a few other sources too.

Not in a hurry for this, will keep looking around. Seems to be a Asus I will end up with though.

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Problem with my laptop (Amilo M1405) is that I installed WXP including SP3 a long time back. Ever since then I started using it more than I use to. But it was just so slow it was untrue. Now it never had much use previous to that install, so I had no idea what was wrong. Use to using the desktop PC`s, I had assumed it was simply old, low on specs and not worth bothering with.

Only had a few basic programs, xfire TS3 [GR] etc. Was up to date and had no virus issues.

A freind had mentioned that SP3 is the reason, and after googling I found various topics about this on the MS website. SP3 severely hindered some laptops and was not recommended. And if you install XP with SP3 already included, you are unable to uninstall it.

Just installed XP again with SP1, updated it to SP2, installed same programs, and it is an amazing difference. From taking up to 5 minutes from powering on, to being able to use the laptop, it now takes around 20 seconds. :hehe: All round use has sped up by 10 fold easily.

Last little thing I have to do is the RAM. At present has 2 x 256 sticks. Now the specs state it only takes up to 2 x 512 sticks, but I have read on the Amilo forums, some users have used 2 x 1GB sticks and by using the bios to make the changes they have no problems, the hardware can handle it. Little unsure about this at present, have sent an email to Siemens regarding this, before I just get the 2 x 512.

Will not be bothering with a new laptop just yet, maybe something down the line when the nice Acer quad cores start to drop in price.

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Negative. What you buy is what you get. Most likely that is the intel integrated. It may do GR but not recommended for higher gaming.

How much you want to pay?

Here is the asus gaming line of note books...



And here is one not rated as gaming but would do the job. (only thing i don't like is 5400rpm drive but that can be changed)


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:o no-one suggested toshiba?


the integrated card is a 1gb Nvidia graphic card as i am led to believe.

prett good value.

Can you fit graphic cards to a laptop?

i've never heard of it being successfully changed before but i could be wrong.

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