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Deadly Alliance


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Deadly Alliance

November 5, 2009. Russian Embassy, Peace Settlement in progress.

“Now I think they we should both destroy the nuclear bombs, to prevent a disaster in the world,” said Peace talker Smith.

“No, we will not destroy our nukes, they have cost us over four-billion dollars to make them, and they won’t be destroyed for a no good cause” said Russian Peace talker Uberwiegen.

“Then you leave us no choice, if your country won’t destroy the nuclear bombs, then we shall force you.” “Good Day Uberwiegen” stated Smith

“Then War it shall be” yelled Uberwiegen.

Pentagon, November 6, 2009. “Since they denied destroying the bombs, then we’ll force them. Set up the troop pronto. Stated General Hudd

Yes, Sir, saluted Sgt. Hugely

Troops packed their bags and gathered their equipment as it was issued to them. Their weapons were nice and warm, like fresh bread out of a bread bakery, they shined with a glow that was so bright that when that the sun glared on it. News broadcasters were announcing that U.S. Troops was being shipped below the Russian boarder awaiting word to attack. Air Force bases were fueling fighter planes and bombers.

“This Day on November 7th, 2009, troops will be remembered as they are shipped below the Russian boarder preparing to attack the Russian U.N”, said President Bush.

Families cried as their brothers, sisters, moms and dads were called to war to fight for our nation’s capital.

“Sgt. Hugely reporting for duty Sir,” shouted Sgt. Hugely.

“Very Good, Sgt. is the Troops Ready?” asked General Hudd.

“Yes Sir, they are ready to depart for the coast of Russia,” said Sgt. Hugely.

“Then you have permission to depart them. Stated Gen. Hudd.

“Troops, today is the day we head for the coast of Russia, training is a piece of cake compared to this mission, it will be cold all winter long, keep your boots dry, and your gun at arms. Do you under stand?” Stated Sgt. Hugely

“Sir Yes Sir,” shouted the soldiers.

As the troops boarded the old US New York ship, they could smell the food that was being cooked for them that evening, it wasn’t a pleasant smell, smelled like old soggy fish that had set for two weeks without being cooked. As troops were issued their rooms they looked at what they would have to live from then until they left the army. And they thought it gets worse from here on.

“Sgt. Hugely picks six men to go on a special mission. The First wave was destroyed, your mission will to recover Private Johnson. He was in the second wave launched. He had three brothers in the first wave all dead. His mother will receive all three letters today, you mission will be to bring him home, so he can be discharged safely to his mother.” Said General Hudd.

”Sir, permission to speak freely?” said Sgt. Hugely

“Permission Granted” said General Hudd.

“Sir, why should he be discharged when there are thousands of troops dieing everyday?” stated Sgt. Hugely

“Because he has lost three brothers in the line of combat, so in which he is to return home, safely for the sake of his mother. Said General Hudd.

“Thank You Sir; I’ll prepare the troops immediately”, shouted Sgt. Hugely.

“Troops, I have just selected a list of six special trained troops. You six will report to me ASAP, We have a mission to rescue Private Johnson, do you understand?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“Yes Sir”, Shouted the Troops

“Ok then, pack your bags we leave at seven-hundred hours, Dismissed”, shouted Sgt. Hugely.

“Affirmative Sir”, shouted the troops.

As the troops packed their bags for an amazing long trip, they packed only their needs.

November 8, 2009 seven hundred hours the soldiers were shipped to the boarder.

As we snuck in the Russian territory we stopped at all us troop bases that we passed looking for Pvt. Johnson. We ran a crossed our third base, they was under heavy fire, Sgt. Hugely sent 3 troops to the east and west side. Sgt. Hugely went to the commanding officer of the squad.

“Do you have a Private Johnson?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“Who?” said Captain Hayes

“Pvt. James Johnson” shouted Sgt. Hugely

“No, Sorry we only have a Smith Johnson”, said Captain Hayes

“Ok, What the situation here?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“They Split our squad up with a tank the came right smack down the middle, they’ve been pushing us back ever since,” said Hayes

“I’ll send my sniper to take the tank out” said hugely. “Robertson, up front pronto, take out t-one.” Shouted Hugely

“Roger That Sir”, shouted Robertson. He whispered a pray to the lord hoping for a clean shot.

The explosion of the tank took out three large buildings; it killed forty enemy troops, and wounded 20 more. The Smoke chocked the enemy troops giving the US troops a chance to rejoin and take out the enemy attack. Gun Shots was flying left and right. One of hugely troops was caught the line of fire and was hit. Leaving him dead, leaving six troops total to complete the mission. After John went down, Sgt. Hugely ordered his troops out of the area. As the troops moved on towards Pvt. Johnson.

“Next Stop Moscow, Russia” said Sgt. Hugely.

“Sgt. Permission to speak freely on this mission sir?” asked Corporal James

“Proceed Corporal” said Sgt. Hugely

“Thank You sir, I think that this is mission is a failure to men to the us army’s soldiers. Because were trained to kill enemies and clear out bunkers and such.” Said Corporal James

“Corporal, this mission is because one boy brothers died in combat in the first wave. His mother is getting all three letters in the same day. Now corporal if you was a dad, and you had four sons out in combat, would you want to lose all four sons?” said Sgt. Hugely

“No Sir, I see the mission more clearly now. Thank You Sir.” thanked Corporal James

As they walked 3000miles to the Moscow Us Base camp, they had caught and killed fish, deer, and any living thing that wouldn’t be extremely hard to kill. They walked through some of the roughest spots that any solider had ever walked through, they had walked through the swamps and meadows, searching for the Moscow US base camp. The atmosphere through the whole walk was hard and foggy. Not much of breathing for traveling air. The Ground was rocky and cold, for it was the month of December; they had spent a whole month looking for Pvt. Johnson. The men were getting up set an irritated.

“Ok, listen up, in about four minutes we’ll be approaching the first base camp to the Moscow, about three-hundred miles from the main base in Moscow.” Yelled Sgt. Hugely “Who is in charge of the First Platoon of Moscow?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“Captain Hues” said Pvt. Smith

“Thank You Private, would you tell him that Sgt. Hugely is waiting for him?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“Sir Yes Sir”, shouted Pvt. Smith

Pvt. Smith walked up to the command post and requested the message to be sent via to Captain Hues. As Sgt. Hugely and his men waited they took a look around the camp, they seen blood and bodies every where, they could here gunshots far off in a distance. The Tent was torn and cut from gunshots and battles that took place right on top of the camp.

“What do you need Sgt.” said Captain Hues

“Do you have a Pvt. Johnson on this squad?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“No, sorry we don’t try the main camp.” Said Captain Hues

“Thanks anyways” said Sgt. Hugely “Troops Move out” yelled Sgt. Hugely “We only have three-hundred miles to walk. So let’s hurry and get it over with” said Sgt. Hugely

“Sir we have been walking night and day with only two hours of sleep a night, would you give us one full night of sleep sir” asked Corporal Thomas

“Captain, do you have any hotels or houses that haven’t been destroyed that could be of use to me and my men?” asked Sgt. Hugely

“Will a Church do?” said Captain Hues

“Yes Sir, Thank you Sir” said Sgt. Hugely “Ok to the church men” shouted Sgt. Hugely

“We have sixteen hours before dawn, so I recommend you get sleep because we leave one hour before sun up.” Said Sgt. Hugely

The entire city was destroyed, even the church, it was leaking and had holes the size of a rocket in the sides and roof of the building. It had a smell of dead fish, and it’s atmosphere as soft and rotten, you could feel the ice cold ground when we laid down to sleep. Morning came and we had woken up with a loud explosion. Enemies Vehicles was approaching the area.

“Code Red! Code Red! Get up ladies time to roll, soon this camp will be under attack and we have another mission and it’s not to fight in this one.” Shouted Sgt. Hugely

The Men jumped the rocks and the boulders of the building as they fell; they rushed like they had never run in their entire live.

“That was a close one.” Said Corporal Thomas. As he took off his helmet for relive.

We all heard a gun shot and flew around to see enemies fire. Corporal Thomas was shot in the head as he fired upon the enemies taking both of them down.

“Retrieve is dog tags.” Said Sgt. Hugely “Under any circumstance never take off your helmet” shouted Sgt. Hugely in angry

They continued their journey with five men. They were approaching the Main base camp, twenty miles out side of the camp. The men were walking along talking and goofing off when they heard a few gun shots.

“Down! Get down.” Yelled Sgt. Hugely

Sgt. Hugely sent two men to the right and two to the left. Report to me what is up their.

“Three men sir” said Corporal James

“Take them out Corporal Robertson” whispered Sgt. Hugely

“Yes Sir” whispered Corporal Robertson

Robertson whispered to himself hoping for a clean shot of all three enemies.

“Mission Successful Sir” Shouted Robertson

“Good Job Robertson”. Said Sgt. Hugely. “You know we’ll most likely get awards and our ranks updated for this mission alone.” Said Sgt. Hugely

The Troops started to approach the main base camp. Then they were jerked aside by the Platoon Leader.

“Don’t move, they destroyed our camp, we only have twelve men left” said Lt. Anderson

“Dang, is any body up their” asked Sgt. Hugely

“No both teams got swiped out” said Lt. Anderson

“I’m here looking for a Pvt. Johnson, James Johnson.” Said Sgt. Hugely

“Johnson Up Front” shouted Lt. Anderson

“Yes? What do you need sir?” asked Pvt. Johnson

“Sgt. Hugely is looking for you” said Lt. Anderson

“Pvt. Johnson, your brothers were killed in the first wave. Our mission is to take you home.” Said Sgt. Hugely

Pvt. Johnson walked away in angry. He wouldn’t look at any body, he went and started punching the sand bags, to relive angry.

“No, I won’t leave. My men need me.” Said Pvt. Johnson

“What is the Army Suppose to tell your mother when she gets four American flags?” said Sgt. Hugely

“Tell her you found me and I didn’t want to leave my brothers, the only ones I have now.” Said Pvt. Johnson

“Listen boy, we lost two men saving your tail.” Said Corporal James

It was silent for three minutes. He looked in despair.

“I’m Sorry, but I have done nothing to deserve to go home.” Said Pvt. Johnson

“Lt. Show me what all equipment you have and maybe we can push them back.” Said Sgt. Hugely “If he won’t come then we have no choice we will fight till the death or the victory.” Shouted Sgt. Hugely

“We don’t have much with the guns, but we have plenty of tnt.” Said Lt. Anderson

“Good, remove one half of the tnt from the bridge. And bring it up front; we will wire every building leading back towards us. That way as the enemies push us back we can destroy buildings. The building back there is now called Alamo Two, (broken down had no roof, looked like a big shack) if they push us back to that, the last man alive will blow the bridge and all the wirings.” Stated Sgt. Hugely

“Very good plan” said Lt. Anderson

“Ok lets get to work, Robertson, lets see if we can get you in that church, you can be the look out for all enemies, called eye in the sky.” Said Sgt. Hugely

“Sir Yes, sir” said Corporal Robertson

As the troops rewired the tnt to every building and set up the detonator, troops grabbed ammo and thought of a way to lure the enemies to their place.

“Sir we have a tiny tank which we could use as bait, and lure the tank inside of the camp.” Said Lt. Anderson

“Good that might just work” said Sgt. Hugely

The troops set up a perimeter for them to ambush the enemies. The eye in the sky reported three tiger tanks and twenty men to each tank. The two men on the tiny tank went out to lure the tanks and enemies soldiers in the camp. The first tank missed, but the second one took the bait.

“Wait don’t fire yet wait till the grenades has disarmed the tank.” Whispered Sgt. Hugely

The Tank pulled up further and further. Sgt. Hugely screeched like a hawk giving the grenades the go signal.

“Tank Disarmed” yelled Lt. Anderson

“Open Fire” yelled Sgt. Hugely.

Enemies come in from the left and right pushing the soldiers back. Soldiers in the building was taking out the people that came from the middle and grenade tossing fun was going on, an enemies throw grenades in and the soldiers through them back out.

“Blow first wave” shouted Sgt. Hugely

The troops ran out of the building following a blast which took out five enemies soldiers.

The gun smoke and grenades and blast of explosions made it almost impossible to see. The Sniper Robertson was taking out troops left and right, they he looked in the eye of a tank and was gone.

“We’ve lost our eye gentlemen” shouted Sgt. Hugely

The Troops started fighting care free, fringing upon every living thing that didn’t wear a United States uniform.

“Blow second wave” shouted Lt. Anderson

The second wave took out six more troops; they had killed approximately fifteen enemies troops and had twenty-five more.

“Were down to about sixteen guys” shouted Sgt. Hugely “If we die I just want to say that you are all brave soldiers and you will be awarded great honor by all country men.” Exclaimed Sgt. Hugely

A tank pulled up beside a gas station. Sgt. Hugely shot one magazine into the gas chamber and blew the tank to dust.

“Good shot Commander” said Corporal James

“Thank You” said Sgt. Hugely

The troops were back up against the Alamo Two and then Sgt. Hugely was shot in the left arm.

“Medic!!” shouted Sgt. Hugely

“Sir we lost our medic” shouted Lt. Anderson

Troops was flying every where trying to push the enemies back, but they would not budge. Sgt. Hugely had one target he was shooting at, the last tiger tank. For it was rolling towards him.

“You won’t win the war” shouted Sgt. Hugely “You may win this major battle, but you wont’ win the war” Shouted Sgt. Hugely

New Broadcasters had got word, from the pentagon that the largest battle was taking place and navy and aircraft was being parted to Moscow, Russia Base Camp Main.

“To those men fighting in the Moscow Battle, God Bless their souls, for less than half will be brought out alive.” Said President Bush on National Radio and Television

“HQ to Main Base in Moscow, HQ to Main Base in Moscow, three air strike have departed for the area.” Said United States Pentagon over the Camp Radio

“Blow third wave” shouted Sgt. Hugely

“The third wave won’t blow, the denoator is destroyed, a tank must have crushed it.” Said Lt. Anderson

The air strike took out all enemies’ soldiers and tanks leaving the American Soldiers who nearly died in combat. Eight men lived that battle, and will be remembered till the day the world is destroyed. Russia was forced to destroy the nuclear bombs leaving America another victory.

“Today these soldiers, Pvt. Johnson, Corporal James, Corporal Smith have been awarded the Purple Heart and re-ranked Sgt. Lt. Anderson has been promoted to Captain.

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A little bit of advice on an otherwise good story. When there's dialogue, don't just say "said Pvt. Melinda, screamed Cpl. Janice, exclaimed Sgt. Candice". They're alright used in moderation but not in every single spoken line in the story. Hope that helps. Me's is good at the English.

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