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Coop Quarry (Anti Tank Tactics FAQ)

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Hey folks!

In the last two months i were asked often, how i destroy tanks so fast and without deaths. So i decided to record the whole map of "coop_quarry" in less than 10 minutes.

Of course its possible to destroy tanks with a RPG, but that implies a bad secondary weapon and just 3 rockets. Moreover RPGs are not available on every map, i.e. coop_retrieve.

Destroy tanks with C4 needs some tactics. These are mine:

- Study the tank´s route and prepare yourself in a smart position

- Clear the area of enemys first

- Approach in a line that the tank cant kill you

- Stay outside the range of the tank´s weapons

- Plant C4 (press "x")

- Check the MG of the tank

- If you are spotted and cant escape, follow the tank

- Use the tank as cover and search for a hideout (Behind buildings and stuff)

- Press "X" again to blow the tank.

I hope this video helps you.



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More or less i mean that. Just watch the vid and check how a tank acts/ reacts.

If the MG spotted you, you have to get rid of it or escape in a line where it cant hit you. All in all its quite easy... its just the timing.

Thanks for watching!



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Firstly, great vid oz and I have no doubt you are a darn good player.........BUT !!!....

The trouble with GRAW 2 maps is the fact that you can easily memorise where the AI will spawn and on this map, this is the case as it doesnt have (as far as i remember)random spawn for the AI coded into the map.

I would have liked to see you do that with random spawn on the map and then i would be impressed, but knowing that map myself, its easy to know where the AI will be, and hence finish the map like a pro.

Sorry to be the one to put a downer on it, but it had to be said, and this by no way has anything to do with your skill ingame mate.

Other than that......some good tips in the vid for new players.


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No problem mate. I totally agree. When i play stock maps now, i feel like iam 5 years old again playing "Memory" with my grandpa.

We can just be happy to have guys like JohnTC02 and the disappeared Bogie who entertain us often with new stuff.

Quarry is a small map that provides 3 tanks in a row, with a different angle to handle them with C4. For me this map was the best choice to show my tactics on tanks. I would never run into a modded mission like i did in this video. That would be like suicide.

Great that you mention it!

Regards Ares

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