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The ultimate GRAW 2 graphics experience !

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This is some kind of "Pushing the oldie to the limit" part 2, as a sequel to the topic i started some time ago at ghostrecon.net, concerning Ghost Recon.

Btw who would say that antialiasing in GRAW 2 could be done (Nvidia users only).

And what else would contribute to a better gfx experience running this title ? The answer is quite obvious for us, surround gamers - proper multi monitor support, what means a way to fix the aspect ratio when running GRAW 2 on super wide resolutions.

GRAW 1 supports surround resolutions out of the box, due to an "auto" option for the "aspect ratio", in the game menu, that was unfortunately "forgotten" in GRAW 2.

Playing a FPS on multi monitors is obviously much more immersive than on a single screen, no matters its size.

Add antialiasing, as said before, to the mix, that already features PhysX, and you have the ultimate Ghost Recon graphics experience.

Then you may also run some cool mods, like Brettzies Weapon Pack Graw2, edit the HUD to get rid of some unnecessary stuff (edit as you wish hud_visibilty.xml file at ...ghost recon advanced warfighter 2\Settings, using the notepad) and voila - a refreshed ghost recon for all fans of the series, in both SP and MP.

You can download the GRAW 2 Widescreen Fix (created by HaYDeN ) so it'll run fine on multi monitors (steam version was used and tested, cant guarantee that retail will properly work, but HaYDeN offered to update the app upon a request to make it compatible with retail too :wink: ), from here.


Cutscenes and all gameplay (including scoped view) will be HOR+, expanding the horizontal component of the FOV while keeping the vertical component roughly the same. This is the ideal solution for widescreen and multi monitors setups, as it grants a wider picture.

I recommend you to try Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with antialiasing (if you are a Nvidia user) and running on multi monitors - its a refreshed gaming experience.

Ah well, now i really wish we had less "run and gun" SP/coop "missions" for this game, and many more with an original Ghost Recon touch, stealth and action well balanced for realism and additional immersion, but thats another story.

Check the mini video and screenshots below (click on the pics to enlarge 5040x1050).


GRAW 2 (V., steam version)

GRAW 2 Widescreen Fix

Brettzies Weapon Pack Graw2 (unbundled version)

Quiet Ghosts

Nvidia Surround at 5040x1050 + 4xMSAA antialiasing forced using Nvidia Inspector (more information here)


Hud Visibility (suggestion):













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WOW!! this is truly fantastic Thales, it makes me want to go out and buy another monitor alas I can't afford one at the moment.

Maybe this will generate more interest in GRAW 2, if people want to see some missions with lower amounts of AI in them then I'm happy to make some, all I normally get is requests for large maps and 400 to 500 AI.

Anyway, the missions are for another thread, great work on getting this out HaYDeN and Thales. :thumbsup:

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